My Financial Failures and Successes in 2018

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I really thought I became a loser when it comes to reaching my financial goals last 2018.

But as I weighed things out, na realize kong I still managed to reach most of my goals.

My initial plan for putting up pinayteenvestor was to share my financial journey and spread financial awareness.

And I really think you guys should know not only my financial successes but also my failures.

Kasi alam ko hindi lang ako ang mag grogrow through those failures. Maaaring makapag-bigay din ito ng insights sa inyo.

(drum roll)

Financial failures and successes I have experienced/achieved in year 2018


1. I did not reach my target emergency fund

- I used up all the emergency fund I had for my father's hospitalization last August 2018 (almost 100k)

2. Pulled out my stocks investment

- I was forced to pull out my stocks investment to pay-off the hospital bills/medical maintenance, or else, I would have incurred huge debts with high interest to pay (20k)

Side Note: Most of us shrug off the idea of having an Emergency fund. Mararamdaman lang natin ito pag may nangyari na or kakailanganin mo na talaga ng pera.

Ang EF ay parang savings lang din na pwede mong makuha anytime pag kakailanganin mo. In my case, I deposited my EF sa aking bank account at sa bank account ng close friend ko para sure talaga na hindi magagalaw for leisure.

If hindi ako nag setup an emergency fund, I am pretty sure papatol talaga ako sa utang kahit na gaano kalaki ang interest just to save a life.

If you don't have an EF yet, please do include it in your financial goals this year 2019


1. Successfully documented every income and expenses I have made from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018 using the Money Manager app

2. Started a loading business which gives me a gross monthly income of more or less 10k pesos

3. Invested in Farmon (a crowdfunding investment which aims to provide capital for Filipino farmers)

4. Traveled to Coron, Palawan (September 2018)

5. Earned close to 200k through my side hustles (chat support, freelancing)

6. Purchased my own website (

7. Earned 72.72% dividend from my sinking fund investment (I'll make a separate post about this one)

8. Made savings and investment allocation from my 13th month pay

9. Second year of having life insurance - consistent payer

10. Debt-FREE

11. Fully-supported my family financially - Ito talaga ang ipinagpapasalamat ko. I was able to balance the needs/wants of my family and myself.

My financial goals for 2019? Secret muna ;)

NOTE: I am working fulltime, and I am guilty of doing some sidelines during officeworks. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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Hello, Fello steempresser, It's great that you can evaluate your choices throughout the year and sort them into positives and negatives, as I would say that is an important skill, as it will help you to grow as a person!

All the best,
Some Boi

I shared this to my husband and it makes our goal clearer in terms of our finances. Sobrang impt. talaga ang emegency funds.. thank you for the inspiration...