Old School Wall Street using Digital Assets For Securitizations

in finance •  10 months ago

First of its kind. $400,000 capital raise done by issuing token backed by real estate (NYC hotel). The raise is for a 3rd of the ownership of the property. Fully SEC approved.

Next is to figure out which hotel it is and if the token is an ERC20.

This is extremely meaningful given the ability for the public to participate in deals they would never have been able to participate in directly otherwise.

Mass adoption anyone?

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"asset based coins will replace small cap stocks..." by Kevin O'Leary who has always been risk adverse in his investment endeavors and is publicly supporting and evolved in a $400mm ICO. That is quite an endorsement. Lets see if it is oversubscribed or not.


I think it is a private deal, not a public token offering. I may be wrong.


Yes you are correct, the ICO is private. I meant public not in the securities sense, but in terms of disseminating support openly to the public

@liotap. Great news item here. O'Leary is now a regular on CNBC broadcasts, and that combined with his ETFs and shark tank makes this even more of an endorsing announcement in that there is so much scrutiny on him and he has a tremendous amount of reputation/brand to loss if the ICO fails for whatever reason.

Kevin O'leary said of Coin-based resources will supplant little top stocks with savvy contacts affirmed by the SEC. he is a shark's extremely rich person straightforwardly supporting and developing in ICO $ 400mm.

mass selection is extremely important for the individuals who take part berpartispasi and we additionally need to wake up whether it is an expectation or gibberish of the representative in running the tokens!! Sekuritasi
A debt of gratitude is in order for this @liotap


please note the excitement he has to be part of a such an innovative deal. This tells me a lot coming from an individual who is solicited for deals 24/7.

I’m very happy to see this being covered on CNBC. I hope people actually understood what this is, basically stocks on blockchain.

If IPOs are really going to be replaced by ICOs, then the blockchain platform they run on will go up in value and adoption.

Smart-contracts utilizing blockchain tech are more transparent, efficient and user friendly than traditional models using multiple layers of middle-men and fee takers


good point on transparency and certainly less fee layers. That is not to say that fees for this (we just dont know) are less than a traditional offerings, but there are less layers.

Sounds promising with it being SEC approved will definitely help with marketing as well...

Kevin O'Leary known from shark tank said "Rather than a stock, an offer, it's a coin. With a keen contract affirmed by the SEC". What's more, he additionally said you will be a proprietor of 33% of this inn. On the off chance that it works obviously, it will be the first of its kind. He trusts that benefit based coins will supplant little top stocks. General this doesn't shock me by any stretch of the imagination. Afterall, he is the very rich person and he generally says "I couldn't care less about you, all I think is about your cash" He realizes that blockchain is the present and the future age venture, that is the reason he is getting included.

It could be the beginning of mass adoption. If executed properly or it could end up being a complete shitshow.

I doubt they would be as dumb as the Venezuelan government in running their token.

Kevin O'leary said of Coin-based assets will replace small cap stocks with smart contacts approved by the SEC. he is a shark's billionaire openly supporting and evolving in ICO $ 400mm.

mass adoption is very meaningful for those who participate berpartispasi and we also need to wake up whether it is a hope or nonsense of the businessman in running the tokens!! Sekuritasi
Thanks for this @liotap

Kevin O'Leary known from shark tank said “Instead of a stock, a share, it's a coin. With a smart contract approved by the SEC”. And he also mentioned you will be an owner of a third of this hotel. If it works of course, it will be the first of its kind. He believes that asset-based coins will replace small-cap stocks. Overall this doesn’t surprise me at all. Afterall, he is the billionaire and he always says “I don’t care about you, all I care is about your money” He knows that blockchain is today’s and the future generation investment, that’s why he is getting involved.

It should be great adoption
thanks for your great idea

It will be very meaningful for people who want to participate, I'm sure out there are so many people who want to participate, in this way they can now participate ..

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