Did you think this was possible? [VIDEO]

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I should have seen this coming.

I recently reported on people becoming increasingly desperate to find a safe haven for their wealth, and I’ve been warning of the potential for worldwide hyperinflation for years, but “ZERO INTEREST PLUS!” … WTF?

Trump has become enamored with European-style negative interest rates. What could possibly go wrong?

This is not a sign of a stable economy or a strong dollar. Quite the contrary, it’s going to lead to a lot of people having a really bad day (or year), and soon.

trump- Fed.jpg

The losses will be ‘unlike anything’ investors have ever seen.

A comment on my new video nails it:

“When interests are negative the currency is worthless...And why... Because they are paying you to use it!”

I break down the latest economic news in my most recent vlog with the dog. Lucy and I offer a perspective that the mainstream media is not going to give you.

Meanwhile, the price of silver is surging, as we at TDV expected.

From another comment on the video below:

“I made over 100% in mining stocks since you recommended them [a few weeks ago].”

Watch this urgent report:

The truth is, you still have time (but not much) to prepare for the disastrous results of decades of destructive government intervention. They will continue taxing, spending, and printing your wealth away, unless you protect yourself.

What if you had invested $500 in Bitcoin back when we recommended buying some at $3? What if you had taken some profits from those gains when we advised selling at the top to diversify with precious metals?


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Madness everyone thinks they will makes money what a false economy hey! Time to stock up even more but hey might be good for my mortgage temporary before it blows up haha 💯🐒

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