BE CAREFUL OF POLONIEX : Scam exit coming ?

in #finance3 years ago (edited)


Hi mates!

I'm trading on poloniex for a while, and before all my tickets was resolves in less than a week,

Last month ago near may 20th ,I fucked up with a withdrawal, but the adress was wrong, and I know crypto if adress is not real the transaction don't disappear she stuck,

So I do a ticket for a lil amount 535 XEM, but since few day it smell shit,

I just lost few $ that is nothing, but some of my friends lost more than 10K because of they hold their money on poloniex, or because of withdrawal who dont get approved, or money send but nothing on poloniex wallet,

Im on lisk chat too and some dev says that they are some suspicious transactions on cold wallet on poloniex,

To me a scam exit is coming, so dont send any coin on this site,

Don't forget to resteem that is not affecting your power vote and that could prevent more scam in future


Transfered all of my coins out of Polo...a lot of negative news coming from this exchange. Signed up @ Bitshares Dex...

thanks for tips I'm going to check, yes I suspect them for more than 2 weeks but I wanted to be sure of that before do a post on it