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This question shall be answered by the analysis of some data from the application coin-doubler.

How does coin-doubler work

This application generates profits in the cryptoscene by using the most advanced technology and everybody can benefit from it by "donations". Donations to coin-doubler are rewarded with twice the amount in the same token over an unspecified period of time, also as a gift.

Evaluation of a randomly selected donation

The user gorgeous-sweetie has donated 300.000 STEEM to coin-doubler with this transaction 4cac8dc6da95a8cce1970cf3abfb6a49cfa81d0d on 01/23/2020 UTC.

List of the gifts

The table below lists the corresponding gifts which the user gorgeous-sweetie has received from coin-doubler.

101/24/202010.299 STEEM63252801aa40b5b4481e73b606236f4f8926c6ee
201/25/202011.497 STEEM2ee1b3f038fc121256ab2d4b666edb68949d1c84
301/26/202011.964 STEEM22df43e341ecd25a8efbac75757f93ce2f49450b
401/27/202010.262 STEEMd6dcbba72b25b5ff76089cbd085b1c1e19a8e116
501/28/20209.760 STEEMae82ece26d7f3559aa2e5b57e5492df5b2c3e288
601/29/202011.962 STEEM3cdc84fb5c17821bcf7e7fb7dfbe636a0228c474
701/30/202011.665 STEEM8de98e246b3ad35bd6528df2d2eaff63fc7937c4
801/31/202011.748 STEEMe4624286ca2d689b25b1a9ee1e298fb3d01f3e0c
902/01/20209.614 STEEM3b1992e5c2c3b81b7b6a4354725025e9eaff2701
1002/02/202011.639 STEEM63f7aa0038c1c6417edf35243f0fb9758b70ae6c
1102/03/202011.165 STEEM1c8e08780f4ed20eb428cce49d699e02e5e87bd1
1202/04/202010.927 STEEMef23af38bd561919b67291947504a26af837965e
1302/05/202010.683 STEEM79c58e28f4c82c041e3e38cbe48b0ca4d7e1fdb3
1402/06/202011.263 STEEMe4f0f6597381e92028f5d19a277051cac93f7af5
1502/07/20209.582 STEEM85ac8c7cae0811ccf328d3b6103bada41840af0e
1602/08/20209.855 STEEM04a45ae35d3826f5a02f18bc2a960b5376068746
1702/09/202010.921 STEEMbd2e32c40a5716d0b90a0bcb721382ca08de7072
1802/10/202011.335 STEEMae756b61aad43ea161c6ec7f6405f77d3661705a
1902/11/20209.947 STEEMd1e6bc939b49ee2dbfa246a7e1ab46fef38cb814
2002/12/202010.112 STEEM5a2f46bfee679a3f59324d28fb1589c2faa018d4
2102/13/20209.316 STEEMe1fe20d21fa529460ad91dfd4578af7b4d6993f4
2202/14/20209.028 STEEM5584eee463cfb2ef3edf39a42c343b66389c2558
2302/15/20209.679 STEEM68cae9f0975ef23eb6903a369365df3d71ad84b2
2402/16/202010.175 STEEMdf264215bba52c2c6c08883818837807a2976ce3
2502/17/202011.838 STEEM5aa1867e3a0fce4fda091dcc812e2677132e5f42
2602/18/202010.403 STEEM09819f11ad14bdf9252d75114b2d4e663b6cd63c
2702/19/202011.520 STEEMc47d6b7c4687cddd5e901f3c3a994dcc7a142d1d
2802/20/202010.294 STEEM34bb33876b7db3098842eff263517d029ca116ce
2902/21/202010.651 STEEM3d8be0ea1ffd333a6b874534d198bd85ff520e8f
3002/22/20209.982 STEEM2ed51b43a4b90d4d0119fac859317fa4ad218991
3102/23/202011.774 STEEM2b2e894ab2a902edbafc5d13ec5dadbfc5d36c48
3202/24/202011.572 STEEM70d838455c2fe7ae3c8dd43222acf2ecef048a83
3302/25/202011.892 STEEMa1a95d3331cf49bfc938921792e9a5bc0e9a6ac5
3402/26/202011.797 STEEM1120bf311142fb7d71bf786da06880654ffa154c
3502/27/202010.735 STEEM666e5db15229e08bb117a62ae0d8b786ad4eed89
3602/28/202010.930 STEEM5c031e23c5fb8375e9ef92ef55b6c8d03a8b27d0
3702/29/202011.933 STEEM10435ca445229e85a8ddfa9cc68ac77b02c70afd
3803/01/202011.881 STEEM6bed0dda4530c878c4bfb017a510cf8bb555d409
3903/02/202011.769 STEEM24ceeede49fef264cfb5c475942ce7dd2a15ba79
4003/03/20209.883 STEEM64c05ccc8ebb60672bc53372cbc5015f8f92dde9
4103/13/202010.137 STEEMca15dce384852184cd8e03402152a2e7bda635dd
4203/14/2020106.715 STEEMe23b6204de99bd1eb25e9309d248b3903ec86549
4303/16/202020.656 STEEM56ce790362d8e53fd229d9f8adaed8977205ddc2
4403/24/202029.240 STEEM9e2005c5f31f76c3ab0e341b4df98b05b823c551

Total: 600.000 STEEM


The user gorgeous-sweetie has been rewarded with twice the amount of the "donation" within 61 days.

Technical Analysis for STEEM

As the application coin-doubler has the potential to attract numerous investors, STEEM's price is expected to rise.

Technical Analysis for STEEM crypto currency

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