Libertarian Senator Laura Ebke Advances to General Election

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Something is happening across the country. 3 years ago there was not a Libertarian in the country elected higher than a City Council position. Today, Libertarians in several states hold positions as high as their State Senate or House positions (states have various titles for these positions.)

One such elected State Senator is Laura Ebke out of Nebraska. She joined the wave of both Democrats and Republicans who were already elected and then switched their party affiliation to the Libertarian Party

"[Republican] party leaders seem more interested in winning partisan skirmishes than in cutting taxes, addressing the national debt or upholding the individual liberties protected by the Constitution, " Ebke said after making the switch in 2016. Ebke's defection, as well as the defections of at least a half-dozen other legislators, was considered a gold star moment in the Libertarian Party but the next question has been, "Will they be able to win re-election now that they've switched parties?"

Last night we had our first taste of the answer to that question as Libertarian Senator Laura Ebke faced off against two primary opponents and came in second. Second place means that Senator Ebke will advance to the general election in November. But, there's another element to all of this: the guy the Republican Governor handpicked and funded to replace Ebke came in a distant third. Which means he won't be on the ballot in November.

Ebke still has some work to do for the fall, since attack ads against her seem to have diminished her support in the rural communities, but we may be right in the middle of seeing the Libertarian Party take another giant step in electoral politics.

To donate or volunteer for the Laura Ebke Campaign start here:

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This is certainly a good sign going forward. If she wins the general, it will certainly put every Libertarian trying to win any position in a better place to win. It also goes a long way to destroying the culture in the LP of assuming we will lose. Hopefully it her wins will strengthen the resolve of Libertarians everywhere.

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