Finally Comments - Thoughts On Next Updates

in finallycomments •  5 months ago

Hey 👋

I was planning to write an update post with ideas for Finally. I thought Instead I could make a video. It's easy to sit behind the keyboard, less so to put your face on camera. I want to practise being on camera and creating more videos.

I see the development of Finally in three separate categories.

    1. The backend platform (what users see and interact with when they embed Finally)
    1. The tools for website owners (Embed Code/Js dev Library/Wordpress Plugin)
    1. Awareness and Promotion (Teaching people how & why to use Finally)

Let me know if you have any ideas or requests for Finally ✌️

Move dev updates soon™

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I was not expecting your hair to be like this without your baseball cap :D

I had to resteem this great video I agree and we just have people on a platform talking about Steam it's going to be harder for newcomers that's why I myself I try to Branch off and do other things


Good to hear other people are thinking about this too. Very difficult to bring new users in when everyone just talks about STEEM


I just watch a couple videos on a similar topic also you might want to watch @tanbay video where you get paid to do Fitness


I've used Finally Comments on my blog a couple of times and hope you continue to improve upon it. I like the idea of clicking on the commenters' names to see their profiles and possibly seeing their comments history.