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The King (film): Almost a great movie

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your guess is as good as mine. I'm not going to speculate. All the DV's are -21% so i would imagine it is a downvote curation trail. IT's the trail of the future!

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Well, I have gotten downvoted for using bid-bots, but downvoting an article like this one without any clear reason is something I do not understand... If they downvote, then they should at least downvote content worth downvoting :(

thanks for saying that. To be honest with you, i don't really want to get wrapped up in the whole thing so I'll just pull a Nate Diaz and take it on the chin and move on :)

It just came to my mind - they probably agreed with you about the movie, meaning that they didn't like it much, and thus in their wild enthusiasm, they actually gave the movie a downvote but did it by downvoting your article! So I guess it was high-quality no matter what, they just misunderstood how to appreciate your content :)