CinemAbility (documentary): Definitely worth seeing if you have free time

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I say it is worth seeing because it isn't particularly mind-blowing but it is interesting and I actually learned a bit about people with disabilities in films and also people playing characters who have disabilities.


I am sure you can name a few of the famous ones like Lieutenant Dan from Forrest Gump, or Forrest Gump from Forrest Gump. There are many many more and some of the more interesting ones that I never even knew about was things like Christy Brown (played by Daniel Day Lewis) in My Left Food, which won an Oscar the year it was out and I haven't seen it. It was the same year that Tom Cruise was in Born on the Fourth of July and was also nominated for Best Actor - which is not something often offered to Cruise.

The film focuses on how difficult it can be to play someone with a disability without going too far over the top because then it is inaccurate and also insulting to people that have or know someone who has that actual problem.

The film also focuses on little people in films such as Warwick Davis and Danny Woodburn but for some reason they never even mentioned Peter Dinklage - who is the most famous little person today right? Anyway, i learned that "midget" is basically the "N Word" for little people and I have used that word my entire life unknowingly being offensive. Sorry.

The film also focused on actors that actually do have a real disability and some of them I didn't know that was the case.


I thought that Walter White Jr. was just acting, but alas, it turns out that RJ Mitte actually does have Cerebral Palsy. The film also focuses on actors who developed problems later in life such as Michael J. Fox, who is probably one of the more well-known cases.

One of my favorite parts of the movie is how they reference and focus on a movie from way back when called "Freaks" which was actually banned for a while because the disabilities (all of which are genuine) was considered too shocking for the time period.


This movie isn't tremendous, but it was entertaining. So if you are the type of person who enjoys a documentary from time to time, this is a great one to see if you have already watched everything that David Attenborough narrates.

7 / 10

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I think that is amazing concept on creating a documentary on such kind of topic. I have not watched much documentaries but would like to watch this a you have described a lot about it.
keep flourishing.

Taking a people who is disable in actual life and creating some great movie that is really challanging thing done by the durector. Good thinking and great work of combination can do this kind of work.

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I watched some movies before they give nice movies thank u for sharing