Marseille (Xpross)

in #filmphotography5 years ago (edited)

Cross processing (reversal film in C-41)
no filter, no photoshop.

Port de Marseille, France


Very nice colours!

Thank you, it's always a surprise with the cross processing.

I know, most of the time a lot of green comes up.
Also when you soak the film (for example in Vodka or caffee or tea) before exposure you can get funny colours ...

@walter-v-ac in vodka!? Really?
Do you have recipe or example?

Coffee (Kaffee), Tea (Tee), Glass cleaner (Glasreiniger), Lemon & Vinegar (Zitrone und Essig) .... Examples ...

My pleasure. BTW. we do also international collabortions, aks film swap ....

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