Tear Update #29 - Meeting Ojeda

in #filmmakinglast month

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Had my first meeting with our DP #michaelojeda. I love his editing / screening setup. When I get more space I hope there’s room for a fun setup like this! Anyway, it was really informal. I mostly wanted to connect with him over the themes and tone of the piece and talk about immediate next steps and inspirations.

I am very excited to have Michael on board. He’s an avid lover of horror and gets the genre. He was just telling me how he recently rewatched the entire Alien series just to do it. I dunno if I can get past the third. The series more or less falls apart from there on.

I think my favorite part about making films is being able to make them with your friends and those your respect and admire. I had the pleasure of working with him on his film over the course of a few days. It was an illuminating production and learned a lot from him those days as a director.

Can’t wait to get on set with him.

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