Unboxing the APUTURE 120D and APUTURE LIGHTDOME! || VLOG 2 || Lighting and Filmmaking Techniques

in #filmmaking4 years ago (edited)

Just took the plunge and FINALLY bought an Aputure 120D and an Aputure Lightdome! I've been really frustrated with my current lighting setup for a few reasons:

  • No remote, so I've had to get up and change lighting manually. This gets crazy frustrating when I have to film everything myself and keep checking the camera screen to see how the exposure looks.
  • The light was too harsh on my old lights. While I was using an umbrella for diffusion, it didn't do the job as well as it should have. The Aputure Light Dome is much better.
  • The color shift on my other lights was noticeable. The 120D is spot on with colors... I barely have to adjust the white balance in post!

I'm super happy with this purchase! Stay tuned for my video tomorrow showing me setting everything up!

Cartoon - On & On (NCS):

Defqwop - Heart Afire (NCS):

Hey, my name is M3, and I'm giving you an upvote, and a subscribe. Me and my community of followers are trying to kill YouTube, and make DTube bigger and better than any other video site. YouTube doesn't reward creators like they deserve, so we're all helping each other out. Anyway, keep going! What we're doing really is the way of the future.``

Hey man, thank you so much! I agree with you on that - YouTube has definitely been getting more stringent and it's so much more difficult to make a living from your content on YouTube these days. Appreciate the support my man!

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dude, I love this. Good to see you experimenting with different ways to make videos! Nice overhead camera shot :)

Thanks man! Yeah I really wanted to test out the Multicam view in Premiere Pro that Peter Mckinnon talked about recently and I couldn't think of a better way to do it than an unboxing haha appreciate the love!

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