Filmgrid Diaries 20190911 — Filmgrid Website Makeover

in filmmaking •  last month  (edited)

How’s it going, fellow Filmgrid enthusiasts?
We at Filmgrid decided to take a long hard look at our website and decided it was time for a makeover. We felt all the necessary information was there and that it visually represented the ideology set forth in the Filmgrid Manifesto, but it was also a little too saturated.
So, our team went out there and had it re-designed to where the resulting interphase is friendlier, smooth around the edges and yet comprehensive enough to fit all the information in a more compacted way.
The new site makes use of additional features we as public have grown more used to, such as links, buttons and carrousels to display all relevant information without using up as much space.
All the vital information is still available at the top of the page by clicking on the Whitepaper link. We’d like to thank all you for your continuous support and patience throughout this path you are walking with us. Don’t forget to visit the website and tell us what you think.
Without further ado:

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