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RE: "The Order of Things to Come" It's in the CAN! Next Stop Film Festivals!

in #filmmaking5 years ago

Hey passionate man, if half the energy you put into your video about the film is in the film, then it will do well, fellow actor and film maker wishes you all the best, I wrote and produced a short last year, that has won 16 awards so far, but things aren't always what they seem in this industry as I'm sure you know. Maybe we'll work together one day ? Loving your enthusiasm, good luck !


Thanks Dougal! I went to your site but you don't say what your interest is. Is it film?

Hi Brian, I trained as an actor 25 years ago and since then have done most aspects of film making, directing, producing, writing, editing ect. Sadly my agent died last year, so it has been difficult to get acting work, as I said I wrote and produced a short last year, which has done quite well, wining 16 awards in the film festivals, I joined Steemt this year and met @steevc at a meet up, who suggested that I should follow you on here, again good luck in the festivals.

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