Late to the edit (over a year!)

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I’ve just finished editing a video project I shot over a year ago.. and it struck me how different things are now.


Back in October 2019 I filmed a live show from a local Ozzy Osbourne/Black Sabbath tribute band.

They’ve been going a very VERY long time as a band.

They simply wanted a short exciting live video designed to share with potential bookers for events and festivals etc.

So, one utterly freezing cold evening (not dissimilar to now) I joined them at a packed out local venue.

It was great fun in every single sense, to both shoot and party to.


The room was bustling with bodies and drunkards. Most were casually swaying, but some bouncing around to the loud thud of the rock show - how it should be. Boozy and sweaty. Everyone loved it.

They’re a fantastic live band.


However, nothing happened with the video immediately after filming..

The rushes were kept on a secure harddrive until the band recorded a live-studio audio track to cut to the video.

Which it turns out took about 11 months to sort out in the end, plus 2/3 months for me to get around to editing it properly again.

Hey ho, it wasn’t a very time sensitive video for them or me anyway :)

After that show we had no thoughts ahead as to what might happen in 2020, and perhaps we took things for granted. Something as simple as a show, eh?

Oh how I miss them.


It was interesting to cut this together - it felt like someone else’s footage for some reason.


I think the clips still looked pretty good though even though it was shot on my ‘old’ setup and it was a case of editing it to their music with some exciting titles.


I’ll share the final video shortly for those Ozzy enthusiasts! All aboard!

Cheers for reading, @ashtv.