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'Synergy - The bonus that's achieved when things work together harmoniously.' Mark Twain 

Could there be any better bonus for YouTubers than extra-monetizing their content on steemit? A video frame is the perfect shop window for a blog, and a blog is the ideal anchor for a video channel. 

Writers are becoming filmmakers, and producers are becoming authors. Bloggers are converted into vloggers and the other way around. Viva the synergy of content creation!

Vlogging Around 

A couple of days ago I purchased a GoPro which completely changed my life.

I haven't ever been much into video and vlogging. Probably because I never had the perfect equipment. Now I am completely crazy about it. 

For the first time in my life I understand why YouTube is such a monster network. 

Shooting and editing video material can be absolutely addictive. In a similar way than steemit. Today I didn't even had lunch. I missed a bunch of calls, didn't reply to any text messages and some people seem to be quite angry about it.

Sorry guys, it's just that I can't stop! :-)

YouTube (3D) and steemit (2D) do complement one another perfectly.

While you publish your clips on a powerful video platform with the corresponding band width and server capacity, you write a short story around your shootings on steemit.

Like that you can reach a wider audience and capitalize the original content twice. 

So here is what I did today.

YouToube channel anchor video including steemit promotion (2 min video):

10pm. I did it!

There are still some issues with the sound. There was a random noise during the speaking parts that I couldn't get off. Furthermore, the cuts between loud musik parts and moderation could be softer /smoother. 

Well, I will keep working on it. I am completely new to that video editing stuff, so every day provides a huge learning curve! 

Hope you enjoyed it anyways :-) I will have some food and rest now.

See you around,
Marly - 

Pictures and video taken by myself with a GoPro Hero 5 (original content).
Video edit: GoPro Studio.
Music: Springtide with "Distant Thunder, Sunday" 


YouTube provides a video storage database with quick access, but it is proving to be a money monster for google and not so much the content creators. Wait for to do to YouTube what we're doing to all other social medias with The crypto revolution is alive and well.

I can't wait for a new platform, my ideas are NOW!!! :)
But yeah of course, I am a big fan of's concept. So let's see who will be capable to compete with the big money monster though...
Thanks for stopping by!

You really keep moving forwards and riding those multimedia waves, having lots of fun! It's so awesome to see how steemit brings the best out of mostly everybody.

You are absolutely right dear @mammasitta! It encourages us to find our niche :)
Lucky me I have chosen surfer as part of my user name right from the start - now everything makes sense, hehe

Beautiful video! Go pro is truly amazing, especially for actions videos and landscape photos! Up vote :)

Yes, I fully agree! It provides uncountable possibilities - plus the corresponding editing software. In the end from a real situation you could theoretically create a bunch of completely different stories. That's what I love most about it: the creativity evolves along the way. Thanks for your vote :)

I love Go Pro, but as a stock it isn't great. I can think of my own personal experience. I bought my Go Pro Hero 3 in early 2014. Since then I have never needed to buy another Go Pro. So while the product is great, I think the camera is so good, that I really have no desire or need to buy another version, and because of that there sales have steadily declined, and the stock has plummeted to the low it currently is at.

Great to see you on video @surfermarley - your giving me and craig-grant a run for our money! Ha ha! I can't wait to hear more of your views on life :))

Hehe, that's sweet - thank you! :) I will keep on trying to do my very best and give you some reasons to buy even more steem :D

The best suggestion I can give you for vblog material Marly is to always ask your followers ... they will keep you a in plentiful supply of questions if you ever feel the need to ask them :) Steem on!

Just as we were speaking the other day, this community is all about synergy and the more tools we have to keep Steemit growing the more people will be joining us. Great post!

Thank you very much, Eric! That's the way to go: growing together, sharing knowledge and complementing one another. Yeah :)

The leap from blogs to vlogs to blogs is an interesting thing. Sometimes things cannot always be conveyed in text and not always in video either. Bridging the 2 together and encompassing the 2D, 3D and beyond is what Steemit is all about. Great post @surfermarly :)

Thank you @sandstorm! I think it's a pretty nice combination. Editing video material requires a lot more work than writing a blog post. However, I think it's worth trying both since you can reach a completely different audience. Plus: there are things that are even more attractive when shown through moving images. Imagine a video of a person reading a poem compared to a written poem - two different stories even though the lyrics might be the very same...;)

Exactly @surfermarly, the two different mediums work well alone, but have that extra "synergistic" push when put together. Things such as your surfing and snorkeling just cannot be portrayed as well in just a written blog post, pictures make it pop, yes, but add in some of your video clips and the post jumps right off of the computer screen and we are hanging out live with Marly and not just reading her thoughts on a screen :)

Nice bit of humor... you've left me smiling this morning, Marly. ;) :D



That is surely the very best morning news of all :)

Go Marly Go Marly!!! Show the world how to catch a wave!

Haha aquí voy!!! :)

"Most boring Youtube channel you're going to find ever In your life"...Lol!!! Certainly not even close to that:) Haha! Camera looks great btw!

Haha, thanks! I wanted to do something different - boring is the new cool :D

Well if that's boring, I would hate to see what excited looks like! lol


Welcome to the toob Marly, in joy that steep learning curve and do your best not to be sucked under the edit sistar! :)

Oh besides all that editing stuff the most important part is still the surfing itself :)

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