LBRY - Anyone here publishing on this platform?

in #filmmaker4 years ago (edited)

Trying to get early access and start hosting some videos on the Lbry Network.

Looking forward to making some shit I don't have to give to a "brand" for their "facebook funnel". I MAKE SO MANY AUTO-PLAY FACEBOOK ADS I'M SORRY EVERYONE I KNOW THEY'RE ANNOYING :(

Crypto is the way out for all of us!


Cheers Steemians,


Super excited about LBRY. I was searching for some post-apocalyptic Indie films this afternoon and was thinking how the only paid options (Amazon, youtube, itunes, etc.) take their huge cut. Very much looking forward to paying creators directly via LBRY!

Hey @rickrosenburg thanks for your recent upvote on my post COIN OF THE DAY | BITSHRARES (BTS)

Seems pretty neat so far, already published something at lbry://@granturismo89/granturismo89

nice!! can't wait to see! did you get a download link in the slack? if its not unique can you send it over ;) I checked their git but didn't see an exe. not quite of the level of compiling their work yet haha

If you don't have a access code, you need to add one lbry credit to your wallet before you can access the content. Also, check out the slack, you may get lucky and one of the devs will add you.

thank you! I'll join the slack and get a wallet - appreciate the link as well

I'll keep a look out, make sure to post something on Steemit once your up and publishing.

so sick my dude

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