Coquitlam River (Time Lapse)

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In 2010, for my New Year's resolution I decided that I was going to stop along this little bridge that I crossed several times a day and take a picture. For a solid year I would place a digital on the handrail and take a picture of the river. During the work week this was no problem as I crossed the bridge several times during the day. Weekends was a different story though in spite of the fact that I lived within spitting distance of this river and the little bridge. There was only 1 day in 2011 that I missed taking a photo as I was travelling and could not make it back in time to.snap that pic.

After I snapped the 364 pictures I handed the camera over to my son for him to sew together as a time lapse video. He did a pretty good job of editing the images that were given to him. While I tried to get the camera in the same spot everyday, I failed to get the angle of the camera right for each shot.

The river is called the Coquitlam River and while it is not very big in terms of depth or breadth, it is nonetheless an important river in terms of spawning salmon and steelhead. It is hard to imagine but this little river offers some serious fishing opportunities within the metropolis of Vancouver. Believe it or not but within a few hundred yards of this little bridge there are 3 secret holes where anglers routinely catch wild steelhead weighing in at over 10lbs.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the short time lapse of the river over the year 2011.

PS. Early in the video you can see a couple of brownish, round things work their way down the river, these are discarded Christmas Trees.

Music by Maniacal Rage -- No Thanks to You

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