Gravity (2013)

in #film4 years ago

I was looking for a film equivalent to Interstellar then I decided to watch Gravity released in 2013 , which has high score on IMDB. After having watched Interstellar, naturally, the expectation of a person increases or looks for a Sci-fi movie like it. Gravity is very simple in terms of subject, and also it does not add much to you scientifically. Neverthless it's an emotionally impressive movie.


As the film passes through the space stations around the Earth, it takes you into the infinite depths of space. It makes you think that there is a huge difference between 600 km above Earth and the lifes, troubles, coronavirus, etc. we live on the surface of Earth. The visuality in the movie also influences this attitude. You feel it for a moment, what skidding in space is.

There are only 3 characters and few dialogues throughout the movie. For those who are not interested in space and space science, the film could be boring and time wasting.

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