The Ritual(2017)- Why you should watch /miss this horror movie.

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This British horror movie comes from the director David bruckner , who also gave movies such as "The signal" , "Southbound" and VHS which were all kind of unique and good in its own way. So this made me to have expectations from this movie and i've got to say i was satisfied, but there were some who weren't because there were some minor flaws or expectations. Overall this movie had many good things which makes it enjoyable and ignore the weak points. So let me give out those points

So why you should watch this movie?

* A great peformance with a good chemistry between characters

The characters brings out the best in movie , whether its their friendship or conversation between them it feel so authentic and relatable because their chemistry is so good with each other and each one of them gives out an excellent performance.

* Great cinematography and background score

Forest never been so beautiful yet eerie, that the quality work here
and background music was really effective adding more creepiness to the dark atmosphere

* Few good jump scares

It manages to have a creepy vibe atmosphere throughout the movie without exaggerating. Which makes few of the jump scenes really effective.

* If you're a fan of the book

If you enjoyed the book, from which was it adapted from, then probably you will enjoy this too

Why you should skip this movie ?

* The ending for some may or may not disappoint.

Although the movie was enjoyable but the ending for some, not all, turned disappointed.But i thought it was ok and also it not should let you to skip this movie as it gives much better things throughout the movie

* Few unanswered questions or background about the characters

It could have been much better, if we could know much better the other characters such as the other friends and the people they encounter in the jungle but not really down point though. Since it was covered in book, they should have too.

My thoughts on this movie:

Acing was superb , which added more weight to the scare factor of this movie. Specially the main lead character his expression of guilt , fear was excellent. What made it more fun was the unexpected comic lines. Which usually happens when you hangout with the regular best friends. It's one of those good movies that shouldn't be missed. It's on Netflix

CONCLUSION: They should have gone to the Vegas!


The ending was pretty disappointing with no clear conclusion as to how he was going to explain what happened in the forest, but the movie was overall enjoyable. Great write-up!

Even i was thinking that same, how he will answer to the world and there were many things which i wanted to know.
and thanks for the comment!

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