Avengers Infinity War – My own take, my very own take! Spoiler alert!!!

in film •  last year  (edited)

So…I went to watch this today. It was not intentional but a random choice between it and Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. This was for my brother’s birthday treat and he Avengers.

I have not read a Marvel comic in a long while and only watched a smattering of marvel films. What do I think? It’s a really long but good! I don’t know when I became squeamish and cowardly but mean bad creatures really scare me and this had lots!


This hugely muscled man-creature. I mean you, Thanos, is a maniac who went from planet to planet with his nasty spaceship and army of wizards and monsters crushing everything in his way to cleanse the planets? Have we heard this before?

He was also after some precious stones called infinity stones which were scattered throughout the universe after the Big Bang(very far fetched) happened and each found homes with various people and planets – Asgard(Loki looked like Loki and died rather quickly – dishy Thor, his brother, muscular with an eye patch that was quickly disposed decided to avenge the destruction of Asgard)Dr Strange, Vision, on a planet called Vormir that looked like Hades etc. Hope you get the picture.

Thanos acquired all the infinity stones. To make it worse he even looked slightly human in the way he silently cried when he sacrificed his adopted daughter for one of the stones. In his warped mind, he had no choice.

The final battle raged in Wakanda(yay!) between his army, Wakandans(can I say that?) and the avengers including Thor now complete with his hammer.


Once he triumphed, the strangest thing happened and people started disintegrating in this brownish ashy flaky pixel by pixel kind of way with Iron man watching this in fascinated horror.

Finally, Thanos whose main aim was to extinguish humanity went to some planet and sat in satisfaction as the first of his plan was achieved.

So…folks this means that a sequel is on its way! One of the Infinity stones controls time so let us see what happens. Thanos will now surely be ready to extinguish all human life.

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