Signum Temporis

in #film3 years ago

This year’s Golden Globe awards were the signum temporis. Some days ago I was watching one of the Top Gear episodes where Kiefer Sutherland explained why he had decided to take the offer to play in ‘24’. That times it was a risky move for such a talented and famous actor. Risky, but successful at the end. Sometimes I think that more people know who Jack Bauer is than Kiefer Sutherland.
Yesterday I heard that during the Golden Globe ceremony the more famous names were among actors playing in TV series than among acting in movies. Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor and others on one side, meanwhile some gifted but surely less-known persons on the other. Signum temporis.
Is it wrong? I don’t think so. Nothing is eternal. What we use to think about Hollywood reaches its end. If you add what is going on with Weinstein case you will have more dark clouds over the big film studios. Netflix and TV broadcasters have made the break. For how long?

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