The Renunciation - A story of a yogi - Episode 1

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It was raining, but thing that made this rain special was that it was raining in the middle of the summer. Wierd things were happening in Camla. A small suburban town a few kilometers away from Mysore. It was 8 o'clock in the night when Detective Surya got the information about the presence of the most wanted person in the history of the crime in Karnataka. His name is Swami Amruthahastha, the meaning of the name "The hand of immortality". A former monk who is now considered as one of the top 100 dangerous people in the India list.

Detective Surya, is putting his gun into his belt loop. He usually keeps the magazine and the gun separately, because his friend had a severe injury in his crouch because of a gun misfire that took place when he was loading the gun into his belt loop. Surya is a family man, he has a wife Anjali and a 6 year old son Vedanth. He goes out and out side and in the bike Imran is waiting. Imran is one of Surya's accomplice. Though Imran admires Surya, there is no admiration from Surya's side to Imran. It looks like for some reason Surya just hates Imran. Imran, doesn't know about it. 

Surya: Let's go..

Surya climbs on the back of the bike. Even though it will be raining both the men are riding as if the rain didn't exist. 

Imran: Do you know the way?

Surya: Yes.

Imran: Is it near the railway station?

Surya: Go near the Railway station, I'll take the bike from there.

When they will be travelling, Surya sees the kids playing out side in the rain, that too at night 8 o'clock. But, soon he realized that the the hot sun had made the living really hard. The rain had cooled down the town and people were sitting out side and the children were playing and getting wet. Because of the sudden rain after a long day of heat. The rain was getting evaporated as soon as it touched the ground. There an aroma in the air of the evaporated rain drops mixed with soil. Surya took a huge breathe of it and remembered his childhood days.

Imran stopped at the Railway station. Surya took the bike and they both were off again. They both get into a narrow path in between the houses. The machine gun like sound of the Imran's Royal Enfieled got them a lot of attention from the people who are living in the houses. Surya realizes this. 

Surya: I think we should walk.

Imran: Why what happened sir?

Surya: Your bike is making a lot of noise.

Surya stops the bike in front of a small shop. They both get down.

Surya: Let's go.

They both are slowly walking between the dark pathways. There are only light from the house windows that is lighting up this dark alley. Imran will be walking and he steps on something. Suddenly, a dog starts to bark right close to Imran's leg almost biting him. Both Surya and Imran's hearts will skip a beat. Surya will look at Imran in disgust.

Surya: Careful..

Imran: Sorry sir

They both will reach the end of the alley. About a hundred meters away they see an old house. Because of the darkness they can't see it properly. But, the only thing that is making the house visible is because of the windows. The windows of the house will be flickering with orange colored light. 

Imran: Some thing is wrong with the light inside the house.

Surya: That's not a light. Its a fire.

Imran: Should we enter?

Surya will be looking at the house and he realizes that his right hand is shivering. He remembers the last time he entered one of these houses in search of Amruthahastha, the shock of the previous encounters had made life long lasting scars in Surya's mind. 

Imran: Sir! 

Surya: Yes..

Imran: Should we enter?

Surya: Okay.. Let's go..

Surya and Imran is walking towards the house. As they are walking step by step Surya is remembering his previous encounters. Flashes of a man burning and trying to attack him with a knife will be manifested in Suray's mind like a movie. Surya snaps out of it and he gets back to his work. 

They both will go near the front door of the house. The front door will be made of wood which will be eaten by termite and the light from the fire inside the house will be passing through  the holes created by termites on the door. The door will be looking like a sky full of orange stars. The black door will be acting like a background for the orange color stars that will be created because of the light passing through the termite holes.

Surya will be looking at this. He stands in front of the door and the light form inside will be falling on him and Imran making dots on their chest and their faces.

Surya: Take out your gun.

Surya and Imran takes out the gun and they get into the position. Surya kicks the door near the latch. The door swings open and they will see a huge fire coming from the middle of a homa-kunda. It is fire that is made by laying bricks in a squared manner and filling the center with sand and by using firewood to light the fire on top of the sand. The sand will keep the floor protected from the fire.

Surya and Imran gets in, they will slowly move inside the house. The rain will be making a rustling noise as the rain drops will be falling on the tiled roof. Imran goes into the room and he cannot see. He takes out his cell phone and he will on the flashlight app. While Surya is looking at the other place. The torch will illuminate the walls. Imran slowly moves the torch across the wall. It will be a small room the light from Imran's phone will slowly move across the wall. Slowly the light will reveal a small pile of white color grains. Imran thinks it is rice. The pile will be about a a feet in diameter and will be about a couple of inches tall. Imran slowly gets closer to see what it is. He will be confuses, as he move closer he realizes that it wasn't rice grains. The grain will be bigger that the grains of rice he realizes. He gets further closer and he will touch the grains to see what it is, when he lifts it from the pile it makes noise when two marbles are touched together. He feels the smooth surface of the grains from his fingers, but he realizes that it is not round in shape. He brings his cell phone torch and puts it on top of the grains to see what it is. He looks carefully, he realizes that what he thought was grains is actually human tooth. As soon as he sees this he will throw the tooth down and and he will see that the pile made of hundreds of human tooth. Imran will feel like ants are moving all over his body when is remembers what he had just saw.

Imran: Si...Sir..

Surya: What happened?

Surya goes inside the room. Imran points at the pile of tooth. Surya will see this and he will also be completely disgusted. He sees that few of those tooth were still having a blood smeared across it, as if they were plucked out a few hours ago. Surya and Imran gets out of the room. 

Imran: Should I take the samples?

Surya: Take everything. He is not here. 

Imran: Sir, it looks like he was doing some of his yogic stuff here-

Suddenly, a baby's cry is heard from the back of the house. Surya and Imran will hear it and will run to the back of the house with their guns. Imran will be lighting the way with his cell phone. Through the window they see a silhouette of a woman carrying a baby running away. They both will get out of the house through the back door of the house and they will start chasing the woman. Because, it will be dark and raining, it will be difficult to see front. The rain drops will be hitting Surya's face and will be making it difficult for him to keep his eyes open. 

Imran realizes that his phone is drowning in the rain, and he suddenly put the phone back into his pocket as he they will be chasing.
Surya: On the light!

Imran: Sir, the phone will get wet!

Surya will be angry but, they both will still run. They can only see a silhouette of a woman running a few distance away from them. Suddenly, there is a bright lightning. The lighting for a few split seconds will light up the entire area as if it was day. Surya, sees the woman's back. Her hair will be wet because of the rain and she will be wearing a maroon colored saree and he also notices she is running bare footed. The lightning will last a second and it will be followed by a huge thunder clap, the vibrations of the noise made by the thunder will be felt inside Surya's chest. Imran will get scared and he puts his hand on his ears. Surya, closes his eyes for a split seconds because of the thunder clap. When he again looks front. He sees that the woman who will be running with the baby is gone! There will be no traces of her and because of the darkness it will be difficult for him to search. Surya and Imran give up after looking around for a few seconds.

Surya and Imran will go back into the old house. The fire will have now reduced to half. 

Surya: Call the office and tell them to send some help.

Imran: Yes, sir..

Surya will look into the fire. He sees that the fire wood that will be burning will have some letters written on it in Sankrit with a piece of chalk or something. The smoke from the fire wood will be making breathing inside the house a pain. Mainly, because Surya has asthma. He realizes that he forgot his inhaler and the smoke will be making him feel like he is inhaling water. He coughs and sits leaning on the wall. He sees the ceiling and he will be awestruck. He sees there is more Sanskrit words written on the ceiling with what looks like a piece of charcoal.  

                                                                      To be continued....

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