The final negotiation - Episode 26 - The revelation

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Devika will be driving back after slapping her father and she will be crying. She calls her mom on her bluetooth of her car. Her mom picks the call. Devika will be angry and bitter. 

Spandana: Hello..

Devika: Mom, why did you leave dad? 

Devika asks while crying.

Spandana: What happened now.. are you all right?

Devika: Just answer!

Spandana: Devi, are you alright? Please, tell me what happened.

Devika: You tell why did you leave dad first!

Spandana: You know no, why are you asking again?

Devika: I don't want your bullshit answer. You are telling me that's it.

Spandana: Devi, please.. 

Devika: Mom.. If you really love me you should tell!

Spandana: You know I love you... You are my angel..

Devika: Now tell..

Spandana: (exhales) Devi, I don't want to..

Devika: Tell mom, tell! Or else I will never talk to you..

Spandana: Devi! It was 10 years ago!

Devika: I don't care! Just tell ma...

Devika starts to cry.. 

Spandana: Devi, stop crying..

Spandana will be trying not to tell her. But, she couldn't hold it.

Spandana: Okay, I will tell.. But, you shouldn't tell it to anyone.

Devika: (Sobs) okay..

Spandana: Devi its not anyone's fault. Your dads parents.. your grandparents were rich people but very orthodox. They... 

Devika: Mom, say it..

Spandana: They wanted a boy child.. But, after your birth I wasn't able to give birth anymore. They wanted a boy to inherit the company. But, you were born. They...They didn't like you..

Devika will be crying.

Spandana will also be crying.

Spandana: Devi, please.. I can't..

Devika: Mom!

Spandana: You were very small.. One day on your birthday, I saw your grandfather slapping you for doing something. I fought with him for it. They started to blame me for not giving them a son. Your father also didn't talk. I had to leave, I couldn't stay at a place where I am treated like an animal. I begged for your custody. But, the court didn't let me... Devi, its all done now. Your grandparents also passed away. Please..

Devika: Why did you hide this from me?

Spandana: How could I say it to you? But, listen.. Your dad promised me that he will take care of you and he will make sure you are better than any other men in business. Now, look at you.. Isn't it a good thing?

Devika will be frustrated and will be thinking. 

Devika: Mom.. I love..

Suddenly, a truck hits Devika's car sending it tumbling on the road. The windshield will burst into a million pieces of glass, spraying all across the car. The car rolls two times and lands up side down. Devika will not had wearing her seat belt and she will be bleeding from her head and will be lying unconscious. Her phone will also be crushed by the impact.

Spandana, will be trying to call her back. But, her phone will be switched off. 

                                                                    to be continued...

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