The final negotiation - Episode 24 - The faceoff

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Sanketh will be waiting outside his house.  And his uncle Ramesh's car stops in front of him. Ramesh gets out.

Ramesh: So, you finally decided to sell the house.

Sanketh: Yes..

Ramesh: Good, now give me the papers. I will sell the house and keep the money.

Sanketh: How much you will take?

Ramesh: I will take my loan money 10 lakhs with some interest.

Sanketh: How much is the interest? 

Ramesh: 5 lakhs..

Sanketh: not possible..

Ramesh: What! I lost so many things because of giving money to you. You don't have decency to give the interest?

Sanketh: But, I have better offers.

Ramesh: Better offer? You are looking for buyers yourself?

Sanketh: Yes, I didn't call you to sell the house to you.

Ramesh: Then why the hell did you call me? 

Sanketh hands Ramesh a bag. Ramesh opens the money and sees there is money in it.

Sanketh: There is 5 lakhs in it. The house is already sold.

Ramesh will be angry.

Ramesh: How can you sell without asking me?

Sanketh: Just take your money and get out.

Ramesh: Who is the buyer?

Sanketh: He is waiting for you inside. Go and talk to him.

Ramesh gets inside. Rajeev will be sitting inside watching TV.

Rajeev: Oh hai.. Dr.Ramesh..

Ramesh: How much did you buy it for?

Rajeev: Come and sit.. We will talk about it.

Ramesh: Aye! just tell me how much did you pay him?

Rajeev: I paid 10 lakhs..

Ramesh: Son of a bitch! I had a better deal for him.

Rajeev: If you come back here asking for money. I will make sure that you go to jail..

Ramesh: What? Who are you? 

Rajeev: I am Sanketh's boss, if you disturb him.

Ramesh: You don't know the people I know. That's why you are acting like this. Now, you just made it impossible for me to get my money back. They will never pay me the rest of the money. You better give me 5 lakhs, or else..

Rajeev: I thought you were a doctor. You own a hospital. I don't understand why you are being so illogical. You earn at least 10 lakhs every month.

Ramesh: That is non of your business. What ever I gave must be given back. You are giving 5 lakhs to me at any cost.

Rajeev goes in front of Ramesh. Rajeev will punch Ramesh in the face. Ramesh falls on the floor and he realizes this and he gets angry. Before Ramesh could react, Rajeev will punch him again sending him back to the floor. Ramesh will again be furious and one last time. Rajeev punches and kicks him. Sanketh will be outside the house.

Ramesh: That is it! You are a dead man.

Rajeev punches him agian. 

Rajeev: You deserved it. You know you don't need that money... Why are you doing this?

Ramesh: Its non..

Rajeev punches him again.

Rajeev: Just answer.

Ramesh will be lookinf at Rajeev in anger. 

Rajeev: what are you trying to prove?

Ramesh will be angry and silent.

Ramesh: you just have no idea whom you are messing with. I will make sure..

Rajeev slaps Ramesh again..

Ramesh: Aye! That's it!

Rajeev slaps agian. 

Ramesh: I will kill you!

Rajeev: And you call yourself a doctor.

Ramesh: Big mistake!

Ramesh will be bitter with anger.

Rajeev: Unlike you Dr.Ramesh, I am a businessman. And mistakes are rare in my life. If you tell me why you are treating your brother's son like this. I will give you a magic word which will heal all the pain I created and you will also forget the fact that I punched you.

Ramesh: You don't get it do you?

Rajeev: I don't have a lot of time, you just tell me why? 

Ramesh: Fuck you!

Rajeev: Okay, so you decided not to tell. I think I should use my magical powers and hypnotize you. So, you start talking.

Ramesh will get up.

Rajeev: Why are you getting up?

Ramesh: You will regret everything.

Rajeev: We still need to talk. 

Ramesh: I will talk when you are dead.

Rajeev: If you try to go out. I will defiantly have to use my powers. Its very painful to you.

Ramesh: Freak !

Ramesh will be walking towards the door. Rajeev will take his right hand and he stretches it out. He will wave it in a circle. Ramesh will be looking at this. Rajeev finally completes the wave and like a force field he will point his right hand at Ramesh with great force.

Rajeev: Malika Dutt!

Ramesh will hear this and he becomes pale. He will be breathless. Ramesh start walking towards Rajeev.

Ramesh: How do you know this name?

Rajeev: Oh now you are interested to talk. 

Ramesh: Fucking tell me!

Rajeev: I think everyone should know this name. Especially your two kids and wife.

Ramesh: Just shut up! 

Ramesh will be tensed and will be angry. He will be thinking of beating Rajeev, but couldn't.

Rajeev: I told you that it will be painful.

Rajeev takes out his phone.

Rajeev: I must say, Malika Dutt is really a beautiful woman.

Ramesh: Just cut this crap!

Rajeev: I think your daughter will be very happy to know about Malika!

Ramesh: Shut up! I will kill you right now!

Rajeev: The story doesn't end there. I even have a video. Which I told an unknown person to upload to Youtube if anything happens to me.

Ramesh: Fuck you! I don't care!

Rajeev: Within seconds, everything will be gone. Your family, your hospital. Isn't she a nurse that works for you?

Ramesh: Stop it!

Rajeev: Now just, sit down in this chair and talk with me for 5 minutes. I will ask a few questions, if you don't answer it.. I will make you famous.

Ramesh slowly sits on the chair with anger in his face.

Rajeev: Why are you doing this?

Ramesh takes his own time.

Ramesh: I hated my brother. Everyone liked him and listened to him. 

Rajeev: I am sure there is more. Come on..

Ramesh: We were poor, He didn't go to college. He started to work. He wanted me to become a doctor. He told he would work day and night to pay the fees...

Rajeev: then..

Ramesh: Everyone expected me to listen to him, because he is the one who is working and my father is an alcoholic who just doesn't care. But, I had my own dreams! I wanted to do things of my own. Now, look at me. I am doing the thing I don't like just for the sake of money.

Rajeev: What did you want to do?

Ramesh: I.. Forget about it. Its was a long time ago.

Rajeev: You wanted to be a musician.

Ramesh: But, how..

Rajeev: I know everything. But you could have told your brother right.

Ramesh: I had told him, but we were really poor and he wouldn't listen to me. 

Rajeev: But, you have everything now. You are successful with a lot of money and a family.

Ramesh: I have everything... I just don't fit here. I am doing all this because I have a family. But, I really don't enjoy it.

Rajeev: You shouldn't take it out on these poor people.

Ramesh: I know.. But..Its frustrating, I could have done so much in my life, than being stuck as a doctor.

Rajeev: You still have time. You are what? 45?

Ramesh: 44..

Rajeev: Its not a bad age to start.

Ramesh: Are you kidding me? half of my life is gone.

Rajeev: But, the other half is still there.

Ramesh: Its impossible..

Rajeev: Your daughter is talented. I think she can do it for you.

Ramesh: I still don't know who you are. But, you know better about me than myself. 

Rajeev: Yes.. I do. I will make sure that Sanketh pays you the rest of the 5 lakhs as soon as possible. But, you shouldn't come back and create hell.

Ramesh: You know what? I just realized.. I will still be bitter and hateful even after getting the money. I'll just forget about it.

Rajeev: Hate only effects you, not the person you intend to. I have something for you.

Rajeev takes out an envelop from his pocket and gives it to Ramesh.

Ramesh: What is it?

Rajeev: Its a ticket to A.R.Rahman concert. You and your daughter both love him. There are two tickets, it is next month. I booked the front row.

Ramesh will be stunned. And he finds tears in his eyes.

Rajeev: Just like you your daughter wants to become a musician. You can let her do it.

Ramesh: I don't understand any of this. I hadn't cried for decades.

Rajeev: All your hate is coming out in the form of tears. Now, just relax. Keep in touch. Sanketh will pay.

Ramesh gets up and hugs Rajeev.

Ramesh gets out. Sanketh will be waiting out side talking with his friends. Ramesh will go near Sanketh.

Ramesh stands in front of Sanketh. Sanketh will slowly get alert. Ramesh will be trying to think of the words to tell. Sanketh will be wondering.

Ramesh: I am sorry..

Ramesh gets into his car and drives off. Sanketh will be amazed after hearing this form Ramesh.

                                                                     to be continued...

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