The final negotiation - Episode 23 - Lurking past

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As soon as Devika says "Darren", the hair in the back of Rajeev's neck will stand. 

Devika: You look surprised.

Rajeev: I am surprised..

Devika: Rajeev, I heard a lot about you from Darren.

Rajeev: Oh.. Now he is bitching about me everywhere..

Devika: I thought you were a nice guy, until I met your friend.

Rajeev: Great.. Listen to me. If you are planning to go against me, good! Let's fight. The war will be bloody.

Devika: I thought you were am intelligent man. 

Rajeev: You thought right.

Devika: Saying no to my offer means bankruptcy. I hope you know..

Rajeev will be looking at Devika, Devika will be looking straight into Rajeev's eyes. They both will be looking without blinking. It looks like they are having an unplanned stare off. Rajeev gives an intense look and slowly he smiles. After a few seconds, Devika will break and looks down.

Rajeev will drink the water which will be on the table.

Rajeev: It feels like you always have a chip on your shoulder. Why is that so?

Devika: Makes me competitive.

Rajeev: But, I am afraid you will crash and burn if you go on like this.

Devika: From when did I start to take advice from my enemies?

Rajeev: Enemies? If we are doing it lets do it as friends.

Devika: What? 

Rajeev: Yes, I really don't hate you to consider you my enemy. And you don't either.

Devika: True.. But, where is the fun in that? Rajeev, I don't know which plane you are living in, but I must remind you that this is earth and we are humans. We rip each other apart to get what we want.

Rajeev: That's a lot of energy wasted. I approach in a different way. Instead of ripping people apart you just have to embrace them, when you do that they themselves will give you what you want.

Devika: You talk like a disney princess.

Rajeev: And you talk like a cold blooded animal.

Devika: Rajeev, the only way to win in this world is conquest. There is no other way...

Rajeev: I think you can win more with embrace. May be you never experienced it.

Devika: Experience what?

Rajeev: Hmm.. Love, you know how beautiful it is when you are in love with someone.

Devika hears this and her spine slowly starts to chill as Rajeev is uttering these words.

Rajeev: You will do anything for the other person. You will do things that you had never done before only because you love this person.

Flashes of past will be in her eyes as she is hearing it. She will see herself young and enjoying the freedom and happy.

Rajeev: I think you can conquer the world with love. 

Devika will be lost in her thoughts and Rajeev will notice it.

Rajeev: Devika!

Devika snaps out of it.

Rajeev: You got lost..

Devika: Just remember this.. No matter how many times you stab be I will always have love for you.


Sonam will be in her office. Suddenly she gets a call. It will be here mom.

Sonam: Hello..

Her mom will be crying.

Sonam: Mom...

Mom: Sonam..

She will be crying and tears Sonam will make out that she is crying.

Sonam goes to the balcony. 

Sonam: Mom, what happened stop crying.

Mom: Sohail..

Sonam: Mom, its not the time.

Mom: I miss him so much, I just can't..

Sonam: Mom, you need to be strong. Its been so long.

Mom: Come home soon, I want someone with me.

Sonam: Isn't Kiran Aunty with you?

Mom: I want you..

Sonam: Okay, I'll come. You relax okay. 

Sonam cuts the call. As soon as she cuts the call she starts to cry and tears will roll off her eyes. She wipes her tears and she goes back. Sanketh will stop her.

Sanketh: Its done, I have filed all the form.

Sanketh notices something wrong in Sonam.

Sonam: Okay... you can rest for a while.

Sanketh: What happened ma'am? you look different.

Sonam: Nothing, go back. 

Sonam gets inside the toilet and she locks herself. She will start to cry. She will be there for 15 minutes and she will wash her face and get out.


                                                                      to be continued...

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