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Rajeev, Sonam and Sanketh will get out of the airport in Kerala they will all be welcomed by Lekha. Lekha will have arranged the  taxi for all of them. Rajeev, Sonam and Sanketh will go near Lekha.

Rajeev: Hello, This is my secretary Sonam and this is my apprentice.

Sanketh hears this and looks at Rajeev.

Sonam: Hello..

Lekha: Hello, both of you. You guys want anything to eat? Try out some Kerala snacks.

Rajeev: Not really, we just ate in the flight also. Lets go.

Lekha: Your excitement is real. Even I don't want to wait lets all go.

All of them will get inside the car and they all will leave. They reach an old church it will be having a school attached to it. 

Lekha: Let's go.

They all get in. There will be a nun walking towards outside and Lekha will stop her.

Lekha: Is Nirmala sister here?

Nun: I don't know dear, Please ask in the office.

Lekaha: Thank you.

Rajeev will be walking and suddenly he stops. Rest of the people will be walking. Sonam turns back to look at Rajeev. 

Sonam: What happened Rajeev? Come fast.

Rajeev will turn back. Sanketh and Lekha will also see this and they will also go near Rajeev.

Sonam: What happened? Let's go

Rajeev: I don't think its right to go and meet her.

Lekha: Rajeev, come on.. You've come all this way.

Rajeev: If she really liked me. She would have never left me in the first place. Lets all go back. Please!

Sonam: Seriously Rajeev? I cannot believe you are saying this words. You are acting like a kid. Stop it! Lets go.

Rajeev: She is a nun and she gave birth to me. She gave me away because she didn't want others to know she gave birth. Or else she would have never become a nun. If I go and meet her, the secret she was trying to hide will be revealed. Its best if we not go. 

Sonam: Rajeev! Its your mom! Oh my god! I just can't believe it. You are the smartest person I've ever met. You talking like this, its crazy.

Rajeev: We  both are happy in our own worlds. I think meeting her will definitely turn her world upside down, Nun's aren't supposed to have babies, if people get to know about this... Its a matter of her reputation. Its best if we don't meet.

Lekha: Rajeev, give your self a little bit of time. Think calmly, before jumping at conclusions. These things happen very rarely. You must know how luck you are that you are getting this opportunity.

Sanketh: We can meet her without telling he is her son. 

Everyone will slowly look at Sanketh. 

Sonam: You wanna do that Rajeev?

Rajeev takes a few seconds to think. 

Rajeev: Okay, we are going in as visitors and that's it. You all should not give even the slightest hint. Agree?

Sonam: Yes..

Lekha: Okay, Lets get in.

The four of them will get inside. Lekha will get inside the office to inquire, after a few minutes she gets out.

Lekha: She is in the prayer hall. Let's go.

They all will go to the hall. An old nun will be sitting and reading the bible in one of the front seats of the hall close to the alter. They all will sit a few seats behind.

Rajeev: We will go, after she is done praying.

The old nun stops reading and gets up.

Sonam: Go.. go 

Sonam whispers.

Rajeev will get up. Nun will be walking towards the door. Rajeev will stop her.

Rajeev: Excuse me ma'am..

Nun: Yes..

Rajeev: Ahh...hmm..

Rajeev won't be having words to say.

Lekha gets up.

Lekha: Are you Nirmala sister? 

Nun: Yes, what is it about?

Rajeev will hear this and he will look at his mother and he just can't control his tears.

Rajeev: I'll be back..

Rajeev runs out of the hall, goes out and starts to cry. He will look at his mom and he will be crying. He takes his hand kerchief and he will wipe off his tears.

Sonam will be handling things inside.

Sonam: Actually, we all are journalism students. This is our teacher. We just wanted to ask you a few questions about this church. Can you please spend 15 minutes with us? Just a few quick questions.

 Nirmala: Sure..

Sonam: Can you please talk about the history of this place if you know?

Nirmala: Come follow me. 

They three of them will follow Nirmala. She will take them out and out side they all will see Rajeev wiping his tears with his handkerchief. Nirmala looks at this.

Nirmala: What happened son?

Rajeev: Nothing, something fell into my eyes.

Nirmala: Come here, let me check.

Rajeev: No! I am fine. You please carry on.

Sonam: Yes ma'am we have to go to other places also. We are running out of time.

Rajeev: Yes..

Nirmala: Okay, lets go to the office. There is a book that has all the old photos. Its really interesting.

Lekha: Yes, lets go..

Sonam will look at Rajeev and she will be pissed of. She will gesture with her hands indicating what is wrong with him. She will also go after a while. 

Rajeev will be standing there, thinking. He will be sad.

After a while he will pull himself back and he goes to the office. He will see Nirmala will be explaining everything to the others. Rajeev will also join them. He sits in the back and he just looks at Nirmala as she is explaining everything. Sonam, will look at Rajeev and tells him to snap out of it. Nirmala will catch Rajeev looking at her, suddenly Rajeev looks somewhere else.

After a while, the discussion will be over. They all will be ready to leave. All the four of them will be about to got out.

Nirmala: Son..

All the four of them will turn and look at Nirmala. 

Nirmala: You, can I talk to you? can you all wait out while I talk to him?

Rajeev will be nervous and his face will start sweating. 

Sonam: Sure, sister.

Rajeev will see this and he will be more scared. The other three will get out of the office room.

Rajeev: It's getting late.. 

Niramala: I will make it quick. Come sit here.

Rajeev slowly goes and sits in the front.

Nirmala: You look very sad and broken. I was curious to know. Is it work?

Rajeev: Yes..

Nirmala: Remember, you don't live to work, you work to live. Living is always more important. Wait..

She will reach inside the drawer of her table and she gives Rajeev a cross tied to a beeded string. Rajeev takes it.

Niramala: Keep this and remember what I told.

Rajeev: Thank you.

Rajeev gets out of the room. He goes out, looks at his mom one last time and he starts at cry. The other three will be out and they will see him come out. Rajeev will sit inside the car and he will be consoled by others.

Rajeev: I will come back, I want to tell her who I am. But, not today.. soon

                                                                        to be continued...

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