The final negotiation - Episode 18 - God's own country

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Sanketh will get back to his home. His mother will be there watching the TV.

Mother: Did you fight with Sachin a few days ago?

Sanketh will be annoyed by it and tries to ignore the question.

Mother: Ramesh had called me today morning. He was yelling at me, why can't you stay away from them? He was telling me to sell the house again. I don't know what to do.

Sanketh: He was the one who came and started everything. The only reason I put my hand on him is when he started talking about dad. He called him a thief.

Mother: But, remember he also helped us by giving loans when we needed it. 

Sanketh: Now look at him, he is trying take everything we have from us. How can you be on his side.

Mother: I told him that you got a job. 

Sanketh: What did he say for that?

His mother will be silent. He looks at his mother and he sees that she is wiping her tears.

Sanketh: What happened?

Mother: Nothing, just stay away from those people.

Sanketh: Why did you cry?

Mother: No.. Nothing.

Sanketh: Did Ramesh Uncle tell anything bad?

Mother: No..No..

Sanketh: Why are you hiding things from me?

Mother: Please, just stop asking me questions.

Sanketh: Tell what happened.

Mother: Sanketh, its noting just go.

Sanketh: If you don't tell I will call him and ask.

Mother: Don't.. please..

Sanketh: Then tell..

Mother: He.. He told...

Sanketh: What?

Mother: First, promise me that you won't do anything to him even after I tell him.

Sanketh: Okay..

Mother: If you go and fight with him after hearing it. I will not talk to you for the rest of my life.

Sanketh: Okay..

Mother: Promise me..

Sanketh: Promise..

Mother: He.. He told your job is not enough to pay him. He told me even if I become... 

Sanketh: Tell..

Mother: How can I tell you..

Sanketh: Just tell. I won't react.

Mother: He told even if I become a whore it not possible to pay him.

Sanketh's mother will burst into tears. Sanketh will hear this and he just stands there looking at his mother. He will be filled with anger and his face is burning. His body becomes stiff. 

Mother: Now, I remember. I only told you because you asked me to do so. You have to keep your promise.

Sanketh: You will hear this and you don't want to do anything?

Mother: They are bad people and bad people talk like that. We should ignore it, just work hard. They will realize.

Sanketh will try to control his anger. He will fist his hands. And he goes to his room and bangs the door.


Devika will be at a meeting with Abhimanyu Dutt. He is an entrepreneur and he is one of the best in his industry. He is in his early 40's

Abhimanyu: When was the last time we meet? I met you when you were with your father, Mr. Sanjay.

Devika: Yeah, I think that was a year ago.

Abhimanyu: This is a surprise, I mean your took over at such a young age and in one year you are showing the early signs of a great leader. Good for you.

Devika: Thank you.. Hmm, did you read the proposal?

Abhimanyu: Okay, it looks like you are allergic to praise.

Devika laughs.

Devika: Totally...

Abhimanyu: Yes, I did read it. But, I don't understand. You are really good at what you are doing. Your company is in the top 10 in its industry. Why do you want to go over this comparatively small industry. 

Devika: Well I just feel like we have saturated this space. There is lot of competition coming and you know what happens, in the end they will end up killing each other. Our company is at a better place for now, but I don't think we can sustain it for the next ten years.

Abhimanyu: Your company is big. You got money, no body can touch you.

Devika: I am not talking about the size. I am talking about the industry itself. I think its going to shrink. New technologies are slowly making it way to the market. I better have my boat ready before the tsunami hits me.

Abhimanyu laughs.

Abhimanyu: Tsunami was a nice touch.. 

Devika: You know what happened to Kodak. They were still in making film cameras when digital camera was at its infancy. Now, look at them. They are struggling.

Abhimanyu: Interesting, so you want to get into tech. So, how many companies are in this new industry that you are telling will take over.

Devika: There are three and I am pretty sure that these people are not up for acquisition. They only way I think is to go all in and take over the market.

Abhimanyu: As I told you, we can design a product. But, Devika how can you be sure that this industry will take over? Its a huge risk you know, and you will have to put a lot of money upfront.

Devika: I am not a 100 percent. I think I a around 90 or 95. The only way right now is by doing it. I don't see any other way. 

Abhimanyu: Okay, I will send you the details soon. Its a pleasure meeting you.

Devika: Pleasure is all mine.

The both of them will hand shake.


Rajeev will be at his house. He wakes up and he goes to a jog. He meditates and he will get ready. He will get a call. He picks the call. It will be the same girl who called him earlier. Her name is Lekha.

Lekha: Rajeev, you won't believe.

Rajeev: What happend?

Lekha: I found your mom!

Rajeev will hear this and his knees go weak. And he will try to stop his tears.

Rajeev: Wh.. Where?

Lekha: She is in Kerala, Thrissur. Its her..

Rajeev will get tears in his eyes.

Rajeev: Did you talk to her?

Lekha: That is why I called you. Should I go and talk? 

Rajeev will think for a while. 

Rajeev: I don't know.

Lekha: Or you can come here and we can talk together. 

Rajeev: Yes, I think that is okay. I will come there tomorrow.

Lekha: Okay, Rajeev listen. 

Rajeev: Yes..

Lekha: She is a nun in a Church. You want to know her name?

Rajeev: What is it?

Lekha: Its Nirmala.

Rajeev: Nirmala, such a nice name. I will come there Lekha.

Rajeev will be very happy after hearing this. He will be jumping around. He calls Sonam.

Rajeev: Sonam! Book a ticket to Thrissur. Lets go to the god's own country!

                                                                         to be continued...

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