The final negotiation - Episode 17 - Toilet cleaner

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Rajeev will get out of the office and he gets into the car. Sonam will be inside the car. Guru will be in the driving seat. Sonam will be looking at Rajeev. Rajeev will be in his calm mood, Sonam will be trying to ask Rajeev a question, but she will be hesitating. 

Rajeev: Sonam, what is it?

Sonam: What happened inside? Is Darren in trouble again?

Rajeev: Yes, he wants money.

Sonam: Are you giving him?

Rajeev: Not this time

Sonam: Rajeev.. I .. 

Rajeev: What?

Sonam: I think you should help him.

Rajeev: Sonam, he will be back again. He blew all his money that I gave him last time.

Sonam: But, he is such a nice person. Isn't it because of him, you are having this company?

Rajeev: Of coarse it is, but you should remember. He sold all his shares leaving me alone in this company. Its done.

Sonam: But, still. How can you? 

Rajeev: Sonam, I can give him. I have more money than he ever had. But, I just can't give it just like that, what if he blows it again? I offered him a job. But, he wouldn't listen.

Sonam: A job? You offered him a job at his own company?

Rajeev: Its not his anymore.

Sonam: But, still.. 

Rajeev: Sonam, You are still very young. Trust me on this one. When the time comes you will understand.

Sonam: I hope... You donate so much to others, but you don't want to help your own friend.

Rajeev: The people I donate to don't even have what this man has. They have nothing and they just want a little push. And my donation can help them. Darren has everything, he just has to go out and work. I can't give money to people who have everything.

Sonam will hear this and turn her face in anger. 

Rajeev: I am sure you'll understand. Guru, stop at the nearest ice-cream parlor, looks like Sonam has to cool down a little bit.

Sonam: Guru, no need to stop. 

Rajeev: Guru...

Guru stops the car. 

Rajeev gets out of the car. 

Rajeev: You both come out, lets cool down a little bit. 

Sonam: I don't want. (angrily)

Guru gets out.

Rajeev: Cut it out. 

Rajeev opens Sonam's door. Sonam gets out. The three of them will get inside and sit. 

Sonam: You will be late..

Rajeev: I know.. Sometimes you should take breaks.

The waiter will come.

Rajeev: 3 death by chocolate please..

Waiter: Sure..

Waiter, leaves and through the door Chris, Sonam's ex-boyfriend gets in with a girl he looks at Sonam, Sonam looks away. Chris takes the seat right in front of Sonam, making sure that he is visible to her.

Sonam: Can I wait in the car?

Rajeev: Finish your ice-cream and go..

Sonam: Rajeev please..

Rajeev looks around and he catches Chris looking at Sonam.

Rajeev: Is it him? Do you know him?

Sonam: He is Chris... Ex-boyfriend.

Rajeev: Relax.. What is happening to you?

Sonam: Its uncomfortable.

Rajeev: Wait, let me do something..

Rajeev gets up.

Sonam: What are you doing? 

Rajeev: Wait and watch.

Rajeev goes and sits in the table where Chris and his girl is sitting.

Rajeev: Hey, sorry to interrupt. I am Rajeev

Rajeev lets out his hand for a handshake. But, Chris isn't ready for that.

Chris: What do you want? Please, respect our privacy.

Rajeev: Oh definitely.. But, I must tell you a story.

Chris: We don't want to hear your story.

Rajeev: Ma'am is he always like this?

The girl will look at Chris.

Chris: Are you trying to create a scene here?

Sonam, will get up from her table and goes near Rajeev.

Sonam: Rajeev, stop.. 

Chris: Take him away. 

Rajeev: I'll be right back. Just sit at your place.

Sonam: Please..

Rajeev: Just go..

Sonam goes back.

Rajeev: So, Mr,Chris.. How have you been? 

Chris: Sir, I am telling you respectfully. Please go back and mind your business.

Rajeev: This is my business. 

Girl: Baby, lets go..

Rajeev: Baby? 

Rajeev laughs...

Chris gets up of his table in anger.

Chris: Whats wrong with you? Get lost you idiot!

Rajeev slowly gets up and looks at Chris and the girl. Rajeev walks a few steps and stand very close to Chris. Chris will be feeling uncomfortable. Chris will move back.

Chris: You loser!

Rajeev stands there smiling.

Chris: Come lets go.. Let's get rid of this fucking idiot.

Chris and the girl leaves the place. Rajeev goes back to Sonam and Guru

Sonam: Why would you do that? 

Rajeev: I just wanted to talk to him..

Sonam: Yeah right..


Rajeev goes back to his office. Sanketh will be sitting in Rajeev's cabin. Rajeev and Sonam enters. Rajeev sees Sanketh.

Rajeev: Did you clean all the toilets?

Sanketh: No..

Rajeev: Why? Don't you want to learn new lessons?

Sanketh: I am done! What is the point of this?

Rajeev: What are you trying to say?

Sanketh: I've been cleaning toilets all day. And I just don't understand how cleaning toilets will teach me to become rich.

Rajeev will smile.

Sonam: Rajeev, stop playing like this..

Rajeev: I am not playing this is a genuine lesson and guess what he passed. Sanketh you passed test. You learn't the lesson!

Sanketh will be confused. 

Rajeev: Hmm.. did you understand the lesson?

Sanketh: No..

Rajeev: You just said it yourself, "how can you learn about making money by cleaning toilets?" you can't! You just can't learn it. I just wanted you to realize this. If you had asked me this question in the morning I would have never made you do this. You have to understand one thing. Always remember the purpose of your work. Always remember?

Sanketh: Purpose..

Rajeev: Good. You should know why you are doing any job, or else you will end up doing what ever the other person will say. This goes to you too Sonam.

Sonam will hear this and nods. 

Rajeev: I thought you would go on cleaning for many days, but you didn't. If you don't know why you are doing something. Don't do it. This is what I wanted you to learn. Do you understand? Any questions?

Sonam: But, what about people who clean toilets for living? Are you telling that cleaning toilets is not a job?

Rajeev: Sonam, its a choice. The person who is cleaning toilets his whole life didn't ask himself why is doing this job. But, our friend Sanketh he asked this question. That's what I am trying to say, know why you are doing it. Start with why.  

                                                                         to be continued....

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