The final negotiation - Episode 16 - The dog I fed..

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Devika will go out of the office, she will be driving and there is silence in the air. Flashes of her past starts to hit her eyes. She will stop at the signal, she remembers herself when she was young and being taken to the hospital. She will be pregnant and Rita will be there next to her during the delivery. She remembers her parents fighting with each other, and also when she decided to kill herself by cutting her veins. While she is remembering her eyes will be filled with water and tears roll out. She wipes her tears and she will wear her aviator glasses and looks front. 

She hears a lot of honking from the back. When she looks up she sees her the traffic signal has turned green. The person behind her will be honking like crazy and he takes a turn around her can and while he passes he will show his middle finger to her while bad mouthing her. 

She will start her car and she will chase the person. Devika will go next to his car and she will go in the front. The person in the other car will see this and will try to over take her. But, she wouldn't let him. He will get angry. Devika will suddenly hit the breaks, stopping the man behind him and also stopping her car. Both of the cars will be stopped in the edge of the road.

The man gets out of his anger with complete rage. And starts to shout bad vocabulary at Devika. Devika also gets out of her car and she will be walk towards the man's car. He will be looking at her coming towards him and he will be getting nervous. 

Man: What do you think? Your father owns the road or something?

Devika will be standing a few meters away from the other person. 

Man: Who gave you license? All the license must be taken away from female drivers! 

Devika will listen to this and she will run and kick his balls. He will fall on the ground in pain. She will kick him a couple of times in his stomach. And when he is in excruciating pain she bends her knees to sit. She removes her glasses.

Devika: I could have chopped it off... And trust me, I have chopped a few before. You looked like a good dog.

Devika will get up and she will reach inside his car and takes out his keys. She stands in front of him when he is still holding his crouch. She jiggles his car keys in front of him. He looks at it. Devika will throw his keys on the road.

Devika: fetch..

Devika will go back to her car and goes back on the road.


Sanketh will be busy cleaning the toilets. He will be completely tired. He will get a call from his friend Abhi. He picks the call.

Abhi: Hello.. Dude, come to my home in the night. Parents are gone, we can booze.

Sanketh: Yeah, okay..

Abhi: You are in your work?

Sanketh looks around. He will be in the toilet with the toilet brush in his hands. 

Sanketh: Yeah bro.. I'm at work?

Abhi: Busy?

Sanketh: Yeah kind off..

Abhi: I was thinking, if you could buy booze on your way back.

Sanketh: Okay.. I'll do that.

Abhi: Okay.. You get back to your work. 

Abhi cuts the call. Sanketh will get out of the mens toilet and he goes to the female toilet. As soon as he enters a girl's scream is heard. And the girl runs out of the toilet.


Rajeev will be sitting with Darren in a cafe. Darren will be an about a decade older than Rajeev and he will be looking depressed.

Rajeev: I know you are the reason for me to reach this stage in my life. But, what you are doing is wrong and you should understand this.

Darren: Listen, I'm just asking for some money from the company that I founded.

Rajeev: Darren, why do I have to remind you this again and again, you sold the company.

Darren: You think its fair? I sold it for 10 million and after 3 years the companies value shot up to 600 million. I hope you understand what I am saying. Its my sweat and blood that you people are enjoying.

Rajeev: Darren, we had this conversation a lot of times. Why are we having it again? I even gave 1 million a few months ago from my bank account. What happened to that?

Darren: It was a bad investment. I tried startup investing.

Rajeev: This is nothing, but jealousy. Please, try to understand.

Darren: Jealousy! How can you even say that? I built this company from scratch. I used to work day and night without sleep for days making the first prototype. My wife divorced me because of this, and now look at where I am in life. You all are buying Ferrari and Lamborghini's I am still living in the rental house.

Rajeev; But, you sold your company. Don't you remember what happened? You got carried away by looking at your sales and you totally forgot about the margin. There was 5 million debt, this company was sinking. I tried to convince you so many times, to nor to sell. But, you just jumped at it. Don't ruin this friendship, I respect you a lot.

Darren smiles. Rajeev sees this and he will be curious. There is a pause, and Darren is looking around.

Darren: You were 22 years old, with graduation degree from some bullshit college when you came to the interview. The company back then only had 20 employees, you know why I chose you?

Rajeev doesn't react, but he is curious.

Darren: I told a degree will not be necessary for a tech company and I even told you to go back. But, you.. you told me..

Darren laughs.. 

Darren: You told me, " Sir, imagine a condom."

Darren laughs..

Darren: "A condom looks like a balloon and you can even blow it like a balloon. Now, just because it looks like a balloon doesn't mean that next time you can use a real balloon instead of condoms while having sex right?"

Darren will giggle.

Darren: Rajeev you remember this right.

Rajeev will be focused and will not be reacting.

Darren: And then I asked, "So, what is your point?" You told,"Sir, I am a condom. As your company grows you will be in need of people like me who have studied business to keep you away from disasters. But, if you let me go now, there will soon be a day when you will be needing a condom. You don't want to be the person trying to wear a balloon instead of the condom in the last minute". We burst out into laughter.

Rajeev will slowly relax.

Darren: Within seconds I decided to hire you. You had something in you which pulled people towards you. That's why within few years I gave you 20 percent. I owned 100 percent, but you impressed me so much in so little time that I thought you deserved to be a partner. 

Rajeev: And I am really grateful for that. Darren, what you are asking doesn't make any sense.

Darren: Give me a chance, I did many things to you.

Rajeev: Wait, what was the start up that you invested in?

Darren: It was an online money wallet. They were better than others.

Rajeev: Online wallet? that's red ocean. Everyone is trying to get a piece, why would you do that?

Darren: They had faster and better service..

Rajeev: But, penetrating a market like that is really hard. Darren, why do you want money again? You have a money in the bank right?

Darren: I don't. I lost everything. My second wife also divorced me and took everything.

Rajeev will be annoyed. Sonam enters through the door and goes near Rajeev. 

Darren: Rajeev, I'am ready to do anything. Please, help me. Please remember what I had done for you in the past. I am in deep trouble.

Sonam will be hearing this. Rajeev will look at Sonam, she will be looking at Darren and will be lost.

Rajeev: What is it Sonam?

Sonam: Ah.. Sorry to interrupt. The Mr. Pai had called, he wants to meet.

Rajeev: I'll be back soon. Wait out side.

Sonam: Sure

Sonam goes out.

Rajeev: Darren, I can do one thing. I can give you a job.

Darren: Job? 

Rajeev: I can't give you companies money like that. I will give a job with good pay. 

Darren: Aren't you ashamed? I gave you 20 percent when you had noting! Now, all you could offer is a job? You want me to work under you?

Rajeev: I can't give you money anymore, you don't understand money. 

Darren: You are such a back stabber. I wish I had knew..

Rajeev: Now, don't let your emotions take over. I just can't!

Rajeev gets up. 

Darren: Looks like you forgot everything. I thought you were a good man.

Rajeev: There are duties and principles which I follow. Its my duty to keep the company protected. When you sold the company and left me alone making me the CEO, do you know what kind of pressures I had to face? 

Darren: I made you the CEO, I thought you were capable..

Rajeev: I was here fighting with the bank, fighting with the media, the customers. When you took that 10 million and took a vacation with your girlfriend. I am done with you. Don't call me again.

Darren: Hmm.. The dog I fed is now barking at me.

Rajeev hears this and he goes out of the cafe.

                                                                      to be continued...

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