The final negotiation - Episode 15 - Ripping the universe apart

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Sanketh will be sitting with his friends the next day. Abhi and Rakesh will be accompanying him. They will be sitting near their house the next day morning, they will be drinking tea. 

Abhi: And what happened? Did you kill the fish?

Sanketh: Well..

Rakesh: Did you?

Sanketh: Yes... It was horrible.

Rakesh: Wow! Rajeev Bawal is one crazy man.

Sanketh: Yeah, I really don't thin that lesson cost a life.

Abhi: What was the lesson? 

Sanketh: He told,It teaches you to be emotionless. I don't know if it worked.

Abhi: Emotionless! He doesn't have emotions? 

Sanketh: Its complicated bro, even I didn't understand when I asked the same question to him.

Rakesh: I think that's why rich people are rich. They have very less emotions. For them the entire world is black and white. So, many movies we have seen. They will do anything for money.

Sanketh: Hmm.. I don't think Rajeev will so anything for money.

Abhi: How do you know? All are like that, or else how will you get rich? A rich man who is nice to people don't exist. 

Rakesh: If they care about people. They won't make money.

Abhi: Yeah, Because of Mcdonald's many people are obese and they have risk of heart problems. But, do you think Mcdonald's will shut their company for the sake of people? They just wan't money. That is why I think he is teaching you to be emotionless. But, its really sad.

Rakesh: What if you also become like that? 

Sanketh: Hmm..Even I'm scared about it. Wait, its getting late. I should leave for office.

Rakesh: Be careful, don't listen to him that much.


In the Alphatech office, Sonam enters and she will be wearing a red saree. She will be looking stunning. Everyone will be looking at her and everyone jaws will be dropping. Because, they never seen Sonam in a saree before and most of them know that Sonam hates sarees.

Sonam enters Rajeev's cabin. Rajeev looks at Sonam and will be surprised.

Sonam: I totally forgot about the bet we had placed. Here you go, saree. Morning I remembered.

Rajeev will be mesmerised by her beauty, he will take a few seconds and finally he answers.

Rajeev: I.. Even I had totally forgotten about it. You look stunning.

Sonam: Rajeev, How can you flirt your secretary? 

Rajeev: That wasn't flirting. That was a compliment.

Sonam: You look nervous today?

Rajeev: Yeah, sarees are my weakness.

Sonam: Oh, short hair, glasses and now sarees also.  

Rajeev: Not this again...

Sonam: Image a girl having all the three..

Rajeev: Oh stop it, I'll melt in front of her.

Sonam: Okay, I received an email from. Darren D'sousa. 

Rajeev: What is it about?

Sonam: I think he is in some trouble again.

Sanketh enters the office. Rajeev looks at him. Sanketh will look at Sonam and he will also be surprised.

Rajeev: Even he liked your saree.

Sonam: Obviously.. Darren, do you want to talk to him? 

Rajeev: Yeah sure. It must be something important.

Sanketh will be sitting in the couch.

Rajeev: You, I will give you a new lesson today. Are you ready?

Sonam rolls her eyes. 

Sanketh: Yes, sir..

Rajeev: I also learnt this lesson long back. Will you start now?

Sanketh: Yes, sir..

Rajeev: Okay, There are 20 floors in the building and each floor has about 10 toilets. I want you to clean them.

Sanketh: Toilets? 

Rajeev: Yes, I just want you to clean them. Sonam, show him the janitors storage room. There will be a uniform also wear it and start cleaning. I have some meeting outside. I will come back, I want the toilets to be clean.

Sonam: Rajeev, seriously?

Rajeev: Yes, Its an important lesson.

Sonam: How will cleaning toilets help him learn about making money?

Rajeev: I know what I am doing. You need to get started. You have 200 toilets to clean.

Sanketh: This will teach me how to make that 20 lakhs? 

Rajeev: Yes, Sonam fast. Show him the store room.

Sonam will be angry and she will take Sanketh out. 


Devika will get out of her at the Radisson hotel. She will go to the reception and she will ask for  "Rita" and also tell the room number "108". Receptionist will send Devika in. 

Devika will knock on the door of room number 108. Rita, a young woman. Almost the same age as Devika and a little bit darker in skin, she opens the door. Rita will look at Devika and she smiles, Devika smiles back. Devika gets inside. Devika will close the door and she will hug Rita. 

Devika: I missed you..

Rita: Me too.. 

They both will go inside and they will sit near the window over looking the city.

Rita: How's work?

Devika: Its good. Is everything alright now? 

Rita: Yes, things have started to settle down. 

Devika: I still think about the things you are doing for me and I really feel sad for you. 

Rita: I have told you so many times, no need to feel sad. I am doing it for myself, I like doing it. .. 

Devika: How is he?

Rita: Who?

Devika: Kenny.

Rita: He is really well. You should see him. You are his mother afterall

Devika: No, Rita... You are his mother. I would never call myself a mother.

Rita: Don't say that, you are a different person now. We all did stupid things when we were young. You don't have to punish yourself for the rest of your life. It happens..

Rita: He will be turning 6 in a couple of month. You should come. 

Devika: Hmm.. Lets see..

Rita: You should, at any cost.

Devika: We'll see. I can't promise. 

Rita: Promise me.

Devika: Rita, I told you. It's just really bad. 

Rita: Devi, you are punishing yourself. I should be thankful for you. 

Devika will start to cry. Rita will see this and she gets up.

Rita: Devi, no.. Look at me.

Devika: I am a horrible human being. I am just very bad.

Rita: You aren't, Devi. We all are stupid when we are young.

Devika will hug Rita. 

Rita: Everything is fine now. Its over. I am there no..

Devika: I know.. 

Rita: Now listen to me, stop crying. You are 23 year old and you already got your name in the Forbes list. Don't worry, jusy go out and conquer the world. 

Devika wipes off her tears.

Rita: Let no men stop you. Go put a dent in the universe.

Devika: Steve Jobs has already done that once, dents are too mainstream.

Rita: Yeah, true. Everyone wants to put a dent in the universe these days. How about? hmm..

Devika: Hmm... Fucking the universe?

Rita: No! wait. Let me think.

Devika: How about ruling the universe?

Rita: No wait.. Hmm, ripping the universe.

Devika: Sounds, okay...

Rita: We'll think about something great later. But, for now...

Rita will stand a few inches away from Devika.

Rita: Devika Kureshi, Let no men stop you. Go out and rip the universe apart!

Devika will smile and hug Rita.

                                                                   to be continued...

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