The final negotiation - Episode 14 - Kill it!

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Sanketh will be left in the dark with a plastic bag with a fish in it and the bag will be leaking because of the  holes made by Rajeev. Sanketh looks around and he cannot see any shop or anyone walking around th eentire area will be secluded. He will be pinching the holes with his fingers, but it won't be sufficint as the size of the holes will be too big. He starts running. The water will be leaking and his shirt will be getting wet. Sanketh starts running, he will be out of breath, but still he keeps going. The office will be about 5 miles.

On the other hand Rajeev will be going back to the office in his car with Sonam and his driver Guru.

Sonam: You must be having fun, making that kid do things..

Rajeev: Oh yeah.. I'm enjoying it.

Sonam: So, even you learn the lesson by doing the same?

Rajeev: (giggles)  No, the priest in the monastery told me a story long back about this. I just wanted to know if its effective.

Sonam: Oh... poor Sanketh...

Rajeev: Why? Isn't he learning a lesson.

Sonam: Yeah, yeah... he is learning a lot. You must be proud of your self. 

Rajeev giggles.

Sonam: You should teach lessons like this to all your employees.

Rajeev: Sometimes I really can't make out if you are my secretary or a friend. 

Sonam: Let's say I'm neither of those.

Rajeev: Then?

Sonam: I'm.. Hmm.. I'm just Sonam.


Sheryl will get inside the Starbucks and it looks like she is in a hurry. She orders the coffee very fast she takes it and she runs into her car. She tells the driver to go fast. She reaches Oasis building and she enters. She misses the lift. So, she runs up the stairs and she gets into Devika's office. She puts the cup of coffee on her desk and she will be breathing heavily. She tries to calm herself down. She will be looking at the clock it will be 8:59 am. As soon as the clock turned to 9:00. The door opens and Devika rushes in. 

Sheryl: Good morning ma'am.

Devika doesn't reply. She takes her cofee she takes a few sips and gives the cup to Devika. Devika will then dump the cup into the bin out side. Sheryl goes back inside.

Devika: Okay, I want you to arrange a meeting with Rajeev Bawal ASAP.

Sheryl: Sure ma'am.

Sheryl goes out.

Devika will take out her phone and call her mom. Her mom's name is Spandana.

Devika: Hello mom...

Spandana: Hello.

Devika: I have some news.

Spandana: Shoot..

Devika: Dad is getting married.

Spandana: Oh finally, I've been telling him from the day we got divorced.

Devika: That's because he still has feelings for you.

Spandana: Hmm poor guy. I wish I had the same for him.

Devika: But, there is something important I wanted to tell you.

Spandana: Okay..

Devika: Well, he doesn't want you to attend the weeding. You know him right, his knees will become weak as soon as he sees you.

Spandana: That's so rude of him. He was the first person I invited for my marriage. But, I know Sanjay, its okay. Tell your dad that Spandana was sad because he didn't invite her and just tell me the look in his face after he hears it. 

Spandana laughs.

Devika: You know I won't do that. Poor guy already went through a lot because of you..

Spandana listens to this and she feels a little bit of guilt and she will be lost in her thoughts.

Devika: Mom..

Spandana: Yeah, sorry.. I was just.. Okay, Devi I want to meet you. 

Devika: Sure, just give me a month and I will come where ever you are in the earth. 

Spandana: I'm really proud of you. You took care of everything.

Spandana starts to cry and Devika could feel it.

Devika: Mom, stop crying. Go Jack must be calling you. I think he wants to give you a kissy.

Spandana giggles.

Devika: Mom..

Spandana: Hmm..

Devika: I love you..

Spandana: I love you Devi..

Devika: Okay, Its time for me to get back into the boss mode. Bye.

Spandana: Bye..

Devika cuts the call. Devika will sit on her chair and will reach into her drawer. There will be photo frame were she will be a 6 year old kid with Sanjay and Spandana. A family photo. Tears starts to fill in her eyes. Suddenly, Sheryl enter. Devika will put the photo back into her drawer and she wipes her eyes.

Sheryl: Ma'am I got a reply from Rajeev, He can meet you on Monday. Shall I confirm it?

Devika will still be in her emotional state. She will take a few seconds.

Devika: Yeah, Monday will be fine. Then book a flight to Bangalore.

Sheryl: Ma'am from Mumbai or Pune? Becuase, on sunday we will be attending Mr. Samson's wedding in Pune.

Devika: I've been to he wedding twice. That guy gets married every two years. Let's skip the wedding this time. Make it from Mumbai.

Sheryl: Sure..

Sheryl gets out. Devika will sit looking out of the window. Her phone starts to ring. It will be from "Rita". She will pick the call.

Rita: Hey..

Devika: Where were you?

Rita: I want to meet you.

Devika: I'll come over to your place?

Rita: No wait, guest are here. Let's book a hotel.

Devika: Okay, book it and call me.


Sonam and Rajeev will be waiting in the office.

Sonam: Its getting late. I think the fish died.

Rajeev: Yeah, even I'm getting the same feeling.

Sonam: Can I leave? 

Rajeev: Okay, and this Devika Kureshi. Just book a good place for the meeting.

Sonam: I thought we were having it in the office.

Rajeev: Let's just go out. Office is boring.

Sonam: Okay, I will arrange it.

Suddenly, Sanketh enters. He will be soaked in his sweat and his shirt will be completely wet. He will be holding a bottle mineral water bottle, which will be cut in half and the fish will be inside it. 

Rajeev: You ran all the way?

Sanketh: Yes sir.

Sonam will be looking at Sanketh and she will be feel pity for him.

Rajeev: So, you put the fish in the water bottle.

Sanketh: Yes sir.. The bag was leaking a lot.

Rajeev: Okay, so you put the fish in the bottle?

Sanketh: Yes sir.. But, was I not supposed to do it?

Rajeev: No, I did not say that. The bottle.. It wasn't leaking right?

Sanketh: No sir, The bottle is a new one.

Rajeev: If the bottle wasn't leaking, what was the necessity to run? You could have walked back here peacefully.

Sanketh will hear this and he will realize what Rajeev was saying was right. 

Sanketh: I.. I.. 

Rajeev: Relax.. You saved time. Sonam you can go. I think its getting late for you.

Sonam: Yeah.. 

Sonam leaves.

Rajeev will take the bottle from him and he will put it on his table. 

Sanketh will slowly relax and he will be wiping the sweat with his hands.

Rajeev: Okay, are you fine now? or do you need some more time to relax?

Sanketh: I'm fine..

Rajeev: Okay, from this what did you learn?

Sanketh: Better start running, before you run out of life.

Rajeev: Very good. But, there is more to it. Now imagine, would you had run like this if there was no hole in the bag?

Sanketh: No..

Rajeev: You wouldn't had right? Its because you feel safe or secured. You know that you or the fish will be alive.

Sanketh: Yes..

Rajeev: Only when you start feeling like your life is at steak you will run. 

Sanketh: hmm..

Rajeev: Even we are running out of life. Everyone gets only a limited amount of life. Every second we sit still, is also a second of life we lost. So remember one thing, your life is leaking. Did you understand?

Sanketh: Yes sir..

Rajeev: Follow me.

Rajeev will take the fish and he will go to the balcony. Sanketh will follow him to the balcony. Rajeev will be looking out. The city will be shining with a lot of lights from the buildings and the vehicles. 

Rajeev: But, sometimes in life there is a chance that all the efforts you put will be wasted. You will struggle so hard, but in the end it won't even matter. So, its really important to be emotionless about your work. Here take this fish.

Sanketh takes the fish.

Rajeev: Now, kill it.

Sanketh will be surprised.

Sanketh: Sir, but.. I understood the lesson. The fish can live.

Rajeev: Now you are being emotional... This is not you who is trying to saving the fish, its the chemicals insode your brain that is telling you to not to do it. 

Sanketh: But, why should I kill this fish for the sake of learning.

Rajeev: Don't let your emotions make decisions for you. Kill it!

Sanketh: But...

Rajeev: Kill it.. Because, you should never make any decisions based on your emotions.

Sanketh will look at the fish. He will be shivering. He will look at Rajeev, Rajeev will be waiting.

Rajeev: I will give you 5 minutes. I'll be waiting inside.

                                                               to be continued.....

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