The final negotiation - Episode 13 - Better start running, before you run out of life

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Devika will be waiting for her dad Sanjay in ITC gardenia, a 5 - star hotel. Sanjey will be a few minutes late. But, finally he comes. He looks around for her and he finally finds her. He rushes near her.

Sanjay: Hey kiddo.. I'm so sorry, you know the traffic here.

Devika: Its not a problem, I just reached here a few minutes ago.

Sanjay: Oh great then..

Devika: So, what did you want to talk about.

Sanjay: Lets order first...Waiter..

Waiter comes near their table.

Waiter: Yes sir..

Sanjay: Menu please..

The waiter gives him the menu. Sanjay will hide himself behind the menu.  Devika will be noticing it and she knows something is wrong. 

Sanjay: What would you like to have?

Devika: I don't know. Just order something.

Sanjay turn pages of the menu. He reaches the last page and he again goes to the front page and  starts turning the pages. He will be looking at Devika now and then and he will be nervous. Devika will notice this and she loses her patience.

Devika: Waiter..

Waiter: Yes ma'am.

Devika: One shrimp salad for me and a stir fried chicken and before that get us two mojitos. That would be it.

Waiter: Sure, thank you ma'am.

Sanjay will look at this and he will start to sweat. He will wipe his sweat off his forehead.

Sanjay: What was the rush? We could have tried something new. 

Devika: Cut it out dad. It looked like you were trying to memorize all the dishes in the menu. Just come to the point.

Sanjay: No.. I just wanted to try something new.

Devika: Is that why you called me? 

Sanjay: Well.... Hmm...

Devika: You are acting like a newly wed bride. Just tell dad.

Sanjay: Its about marriage..

Devika: Oh not this again, I have told you so many times. I am not a type of a girl who would ever get married and have kids. Come on dad.

Sanjay: Its not about your marriage..

Devika: Then?

Sanjay: Its mine.

Devika will be confused and will have a big question mark on her face.

Devika: You want to get married?

Sanjay: Yes, I have decided it. I just wanted to tell.

Devika: But, who is the... girl..

Sanjay: Its Swati.. You remember her? We met in Canada.

Devika: Wait, is it that... Oh my god! that architect? Seriously dad?

Sanjay: Yeah, she is beautiful and we've been going out. She is coming over this week and I thought you know..

Devika: Dad, isn't she like 5 years older than me. I mean she literally looks like your daughter.

Sanjay: Age doesn't matter. We love each other.

Devika: Okay, in the end its your decision.  But, you must be careful. 

Sanjay: Why?

Devika: She obviously knows that you have a huge bank account and you know... beautiful girls these days have made marriage a business..

Sanjay: Swati is an architect, she is an independent woman.

Devika: Did you tell mom?

Sanjay: No, isn't she in Paris? 

Devika: She called me in the morning, Jack is taking her to Amsterdam.

Sanjay: Its not fair alright. You let your mom marry anyone without any objections, when I want to get married you are acting like my mom.

Devika laughs.

Devika: Okay dad, Marry your architect girl okay. No objections from me. 

Sanjay will be annoyed.

Devika: Now what happened? I told okay no..

Sanjay: Come on. Do I look like I was born yesterday?

Devika: No, but you are acting like one..

Devika laughs...

Sanjay: Devi.. Stop..

Devika will control her laughter.

Devika: Okay, I will tell mom about it. Or do you want to tell.

Sanjay: Well I don't want to invite her.

Devika: Why? She invited you to her wedding. Remember?

Sanjay: Hmm... I still have a thing for her. Its better if she doesn't come.

Devika will hold Sanjay's hand...

Devika: You still love her, don't you.. Don't worry I will explain it to her.

The waiter will bring the mojito shots to the table. He keeps the glasses on the table.

Devika: That was great timing.

Devika will give one to Sanjay.

Devika: What should we drink up on?

Sanjay: For love and peace..

Devika: For love and architects..

Devika laughs, both of them will clink the glasses and drink the shot.


Rajeev, Sonam and Sanketh will be on their way to the car. Sanketh will be holding the transperent plastic bag with a fish in it and it will be dark out side and it will be around 7 o'clock in the evening. The 3 of them will be waking on the path lit with lights.

Sanketh: So, you grew up here? Its a nice place..

Rajeev: It wasn't always like this. It was in real bad shape. I and a few of my friends chipped in some money a few years ago to make it look like this.

Sanketh: Did you know the priest before you made this?

Rajeev: Yes, he was my meditation teacher. I told him that he could still teach meditation here and also could take care of the monastery and he doesn't even have to pay rent. He thought it was a good deal and he hoped on board.

Sanketh: Why am I carrying this fish?

Rajeev: Wait for it. Because, this lesson might change your life completely. It changed mine.

Sanketh: Who thought you?

Rajeev: A guru in Rishikesh thought me this when I went there to meditate. 

The three of them will get inside the car and it will be dark. The car moves. After moving a few distance,

Rajeev: Guru, please stop the car here.

Guru stops the car.

Rajeev: Sanketh, get down.

Sanketh: Why sir?

Rajeev: Its you lesson, get down.

Sanketh gets out of the car with the fish in his hands.


Rajeev: Its really simple. You just have to walk and get this fish to the office alive. Simple isn't it?

Sanketh: Yes.. 

Rajeev: Imagine this fish is you and the water your life. Do you understand?

Sankath: Yes sir..

Rajeev: What is the fish?

Sanketh: Me..

Rajeev: What is water?

Sanketh: Life..

Rajeev: What happens when fish runs out of water?

Sanketh: It dies.

Rajeev: What if you run out of life?

Sanketh: I die.

Rajeev suddenly takes out his pen and pokes a hole in the plastic bag and the bag starts to leak. 

Sanketh: Sir!

Sanketh will try to cover the hole by pinching the bag with his other had. Suddenly, Rajeev pokes another hole.

Sanketh: Its will burst!

Rajeev looks at Sanketh struggling. There will be a pause and Sanketh will look at Rajeev. After a couple of seconds.

Rajeev:  Better start running, before you run out of life.

Rajeev will raise his windows and the car moves forward.

                                                                     to be continued....

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Very cool short story... makes me want to know what happens next :)


Wow! thanks.. Did you read the other episode?