The final negotiation - Episode 12 - Emotions are bullshit

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Sanketh will be given an cubicle, Sonam will give him some files.

Sonam: These papers are jumbled up, just arrange them in order of its page number and type it up.

Sanketh: Okay

Sonam: If you need any help, don't call me. Use google.

Sanketh: Okay

Sanketh will be feeling weird after hearing that. Sanketh's cubicle will be in between many of the other employees cubicle. There will be a person sitting next to him, who will be trying to look at Sanketh by peeping over the cubicle. His name is Ramesh, he will be an overweight South Indian guy. Ramesh will be slowly getting up of his chair and he will be placing his hand on the desk to support himself. Sanketh will be facing the monitor, so Ramesh can only see Sanketh's back. Ramesh loses his grip and falls back on his chair and the chair will hit the cubicle wall making a loud thud. Ramesh will get back in his senses and after a few seconds he again tries to peep, but this time Sanketh will catch him as he will be looking back. Ramesh gets down as if he is scared, but quickly realizes there is no need to be scared. He gets his head back up again and smiles at Sanketh. Sanketh will be feeling awkward.

Ramesh: Hi bro.. New employee is it?

Sanketh: ...Yes..

Ramesh: Myself Ramesh. You ?

Sanketh: San.. Sanketh.

Ramesh: Cool, cool.. Even I am new employee.

Sanketh: Oh..

Ramesh: Where do you stay?

Sanketh: Home, Vijaynagar.

Ramesh: Oh.. I am looking for a room mate. You want to join me?

Ramesh will be having a creepy smile on his face. There will be an awkward silence after he asks this question.

Sanketh: Bu.. But.. I have my home here. Even my mom is there.

Ramesh: Oh.. mom is there? Okay.. But, if you ever change your mind and want to leave your mom call me okay..

Ramesh gets back down. Sanketh will be feeling weird and he will turn back. Suddenly, Ramesh pops back again. 

Ramesh: Bro!

Sanketh turns back.

Ramesh: Take this, It has my number.

Ramesh hands Sanketh a business card with his number written over it. Sanketh takes it.

Ramesh: The top one is my whatsapp number, the bottom one is only for calls. Don't mistakenly whatsapp the calling number okay, because calling number is only for calling.

Ramesh will give an awkward laugh after saying this. He will be thinking that he cracked a joke. After a few seconds, he sees Sanketh not reacting to it. Slowly Ramesh cuts his laughter and sits back in his chair. 


Sonam will be at the entrance lobby of the building and she will be looking at her watch and will be waiting. Simon Convoy enters, Simon will be a man in his late 40s and will be bald he will be tall and is a white american. Sonam looks at him and smiles.

Sonam: Hello Mr.Simon, welcome to Alphatech. Mr.Rajeev is waiting in the conference room. 

Simon: Let's go then, shall we?

Sonam: Sure.

Rajeev will be in the conference room and he will be waiting and it looks like he a bit tensed. He will take a sip of water from the glass which will be in front of him. Sonam enters the room and keeps the door open for Simon to enter. 

Rajeev gets up and extends his arm for a hand shake. 

Rajeev: Hello, Simon.. Its been a long time.

Simon: Long time indeed..

Both Rajeev and Simon sits down. Rajeev gestures with his hands to close the door. Sonam will close the door.

Rajeev: I was trying really hard to know why you wanted to meet me so badly, but you insisted on not telling me anything..

Simon: I wish I could tell you, but it isn't something that I could talk over the phone.

Rajeev: Fair enough, what is it then?

Simon: So, you must be knowing that I was resigned Techone and I joined Oasis..

Rajeev: Yes, It was all over the news.

Simon: Here in oasis I am one of the members of the board. I am here to negotiate.

Rajeev: What kind?

Simon: Its an acquisition. 

Rajeev: You want to buy my company?

Simon: Well that's what it means right.. yes, and we have 200 million for you.

Rajeev: Okay, but its not for sale. Why do you want to buy? Oasis already owns the consumer market. Our customers are mainly students and young people. 

Simon: Mr. Sanjay is off the board now, Devika is running the show. She believes that her dads company is the thing of the past. She sees future in Alphatech. Rajeev, 200 million for a company of your size is really reasonable don't you think.

Rajeev: Tell Devika that I am not interested. Why would I sell my company for 200 when it has the potential to make billions in the future.

Simon: Try to be logical here Rajeev. Our bank account is much larger than yours. We can create a tsunami in the market and finish everything. 

Rajeev: You don't even have a product..

Simon: We have money..

Rajeev laughs.

Rajeev: Only If money was the answer 

Simon: We can give the same product at better price. At prices your company could never afford. Think about it, you will go bankrupt is no time.

Rajeev: Wow! I really want to meet Devika, I know this is not your words.

Simon: You are a smart man.. I hope you understand what is at steak.

Rajeev: Give me a week...

Simon: Take your time

Rajeev gets up off his chair, Simon also gets up.

Simon: Thank you for you time Rajeev.

Rajeev smiles and shakes his hand and keeps looking at Simon as he gets out of the room.

Simon gets out of the building and calls Devika. Devika picks the call.

Devika: Tell me Simon.

Simon: He wants a week time.

Devika: If he is asking for time, it means he is considering. Great work.

Simon: No problem..

Simon gets inside his car and goes off.


 Sanketh will be done with his work and he goes to Sonam.

Sanketh: I am done.

Sonam: Oh great, Rajeev is expecting you.

Sanketh enters Rajeev office.

Rajeev: Did you read the book?

Sanketh: Well, I started..

Rajeev: Lets go..

Rajeev wears his jacket and gets ready.

Sanketh: Okay, but where..

Rajeev: Follow me.

Rajeev and Sanketh get out of the cabin and Sonam will start to follow them. 

Rajeev: Tell him to take the Merc out.

Sanketh will be confused, about what is saying.

Sonam: Sure..

Sanketh thene realizes that he was talking to Sonam. Sonam will make the call.

Rajeev will be waiting for the lift. 

Rajeev: Sanketh, today's lesson will help you become a better thinker. I wish I knew this when I was of your age. But, its never too late.

Sanketh will be wondering about what it is, suddenly the lift opens. The three of them get in the lift. They go to the front door. Within a few seconds a black Mercedes Benz parks in front of them and Guru will be driving it.

The three of them get in, Sonam sits in the front and Rajeev and Sanketh will be sitting in the back.

Rajeev: Lets go to the ashram.

Sanketh will be wondering.

Guru drives off. 

Sonam: Why was Mr. Simon here?

Rajeev: He wants to buy the company.

Sonam: What! Seriously?

Rajeev: Yup.. He offered me 200 mil.

Sonam: That's nothing..

Sanketh will be hearing all this and will be trying to understand.

Rajeev: Well I asked for time.

Sonam: I would have thrown him out of the window, the company is at least worth a billion dollars. 

Rajeev: Yes, it is. But, we don't know our enemies yet. Simon looked very confident.

Sonam: So, you are considering to sell it?

Rajeev: I am not sure..

Sonam: How can you not be sure? You should fight for it, you put your sweat and blood. How can you even consider it.

Rajeev: Sonam, you are so innocent. You've been with me from past 3 years and you didn't learn the most important lessons. Emotions are bullshit.

Sanketh will turn and look at Rajeev when he says it. Rajeev looks at Sanketh.

Rajeev: Even you should learn. Emotions are bullshit. Emotions are noting but chemical reactions in your brain.

Sonam: Oh come on. Even you are very emotional. You should have looked at your face when I told about my breakup with Chris.

Rajeev: Yes, that's because you are important. Have you even seen me getting emotional about my possesions. You remember when Guru smashed the head lights of the Ferrari? I didn't care about it, I do have emotions, but very reserved. 

Sonam: So, what if my importance fades away?

Rajeev: I'll kill you..

Sonam: Yeah right!

Sanketh: So, you are saying you don't get emotional for everything?

Rajeev: No, only for important things.

Sanketh looks out and sees a dog.

Sanketh: Hmm.. If a puppy is stuck in the middle of the road with vehicles moving on either side at high speed. Would you go and help the small puppy cross the road or would you let it be there?

Rajeev: I would definitely save help the puppy cross the road.

Sanketh: So you are being emotional about a puppy that isn't important to you.

Sonam: Yes! that was a good one Sanketh. Answer that Rajeev!

Rajeev will look at both of them and smile.

Sonam: We are waiting for your answer.

Rajeev: You both listen to me carefully, there are things that makes you a good human and things that makes you good at the work you are doing. Being emotionless makes me a better businessman, and being emotional at times makes me a better human. So, remember. Emotions are noting, but ..

Sonam: Chemical changes in the brain, okay we know that.

Sonam will be annoyed. Rajeev will start to laugh. They reach the ashram. 

They all get down. 

Rajeev: This is where I grew up. 

Sanketh: Here?

Rajeev: Yes.. You don't know much about me. 

Sonam: You want me check the meditation hall?

Rajeev: Ahh.. No need, I don't feel like going there. Lets go to the pond.

The three of them will go to the pond and inside it there will be koi fishes. It will be looking beautiful.

Sonam: Can I go meet the priest? If you don't mind.

Rajeev: Yeah sure, take your time. We will come back there in a while.

Sonam leaves.

Rajeev reaches inside his pocket and takes out a plastic bag and hands it over to Sanketh.

Rajeev: Fill it with water.

Sanketh will fill the transparent bag with water from the pond. Rajeev will put his hand inside the water and one of the fishes will slowly move towards Rajeev's hand. Sanketh will be amazed when he sees it. Rajeev gently lifts the fish off of water. It will be about 3 inch long. Rajeev puts it in the bag.

Sanketh: How did you!

Rajeev: How did I what?

Sanketh: The fish, it just came to you.

Rajeev: I trained them. Tie the bag, lets go.

Rajeev and Sanketh will go inside the place of worship. Sonam will be talking with the priest, an old man.

Priest: Welcome, Mr Rajeev.

Rajeev: Namasthe, I am taking one of the fishes.

Priest: Its your pond, you don't need my permission.

Rajeev smiles.

Priest: Who is this new friend?

Rajeev: He is Sanketh, he wants to learn from me.

Priest: Good, good.. I think I know why you are taking the fish.

Rajeev: Of coarse, you yourself thought me this lesson.

Priest looks at Sanketh.

Priest: This lesson is really important for you. You should learn it.

Sanketh: Sure..

                                                                     to be continued...

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