The final negotiation - Episode 11 - The survival instinct

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Rajeev and Sanketh will be inside the corner office. Sonam will be sitting in the couch near the wall doing her work. 

Rajeev: So, what changed your mind? I mean, wasn't it just 3 days ago that you got out oh here.

Sanketh: Yes, I just did some research. If I start doing a job I would get a very low salary. It would take decade to make the amount of money that I need. Well, I realized to make that kind of a money, you need to have something of your own.

Rajeev: Not bad..Usually its hard for a human being to change the decision that they take. But, you did that really easily. But, what about your dad's promise?

Sanketh: I haven't figured that out yet. I had promised him, but I wish I could explain.

Rajeev: Sanketh, you are emotionally very weak. You need to become more adaptable. You need to understand one thing, your dad said that to you because he failed. Now, don't get offended. Just consider, if your dad had succeeded in the business he had taken up. You think he would tell the same thing? Tell me..

Sanketh: I don't know..

Rajeev: Its not that hard, the answer is no.. The one thing that you need to understand is the fact that we are human. And in us there is something called the survival instinct. Its one of those things which makes us human. Its like when you burn your hands by touching a hot stove you wouldn't touch it again and you wouldn't let anyone you love also not to touch it. Your dad just burnt his hand. Do you understand?

Sanketh: I understand...

Rajeev: Good. Sonam, allot Sanketh a cubicle. 

Sonam: sure.

Sonam gets out. 

Rajeev: You must be wondering how I learn't to this, well I you are luckier than me. I didn't have anyone to teach me. I thought my self by reading books.

Sanketh: Books teaches you to become rich?

Rajeev: No, book doesn't teaches you to become rich. It gives you tools, weapons or ideas that you can use to become rich. So, in the end its not about the book. Its all about you. 

Rajeev gets up of his chair and reaches into one of the cabinets. The cabinets will be filled with book, from there he takes out one of the books. 

Rajeev: This is one of the books that changed my life. "The Richest man in Babylon", here start reading it. It will be your first step.

Sanketh takes the book. 


On the other part of India, there will be another company which will be dealing with the similar industry like Alphatech. This company will be run by Devika Kureshi, a woman notorious for her tactics. She will be verybeautiful, but if you look into her eyes you will realize that she knows what she is doing. Her company, which she inherited from her father, "Oasis" will be ten times bigger that "Alphatech". "Oasis" will be a world wide brand. And Devika will be considered by many as one of the greatest entrepreneurs and she will be one of the top 50 in Forbes India's list. 

Devika will get inside her office. She will be given a file by his secretary Sheryl. Sheryl, will be a beautiful looking woman and will be wearing glasses and will be having short hair. 

Devika: So, did we get any response from "The Kharatias"?

Sheryl: We did and the response was negative. They are not interested in your offer.

Devika: Did they have a price?

Sheryl: Mr. Pai told 50 million is too low for a company of that size. 

Devika: How much are they expecting?

Sheryl: They were looking at around 150 million.

Devika: 150? impossible.. Call Mr. Pai.

Sheryl will call Mr.Pai from the phone on the desk and she will put it on the loudspeaker. The phone rings and Mr. Pai picks the call.

Mr. Pai: Hello..

Devika: Hello, Mr. Pai, its Devika Kureshi. 

Mr. Pai: Devika, I have told your secretary everything.

Devika: Mr. Pai, I understand. But, you need to understand one thing. This is not an acquisition deal, this is a charity.

Mr. Pai: What!

Devika: You heard me alright. If you don't take our offer, we can lower our prices. We can go very low, and we still can be profitable. If we do that, you will do bankrupt in no time.

Mr. Pai: How dare you talk to me like that!

Devika: Oh my god, you are so emotional. But, that's the fact. You have two options either its 50 million or its a bankruptcy.

Mr. Pai: Devika Kureshi, if you are trying to threaten us..

Devika: I'm not threatening you, I am just telling the truth. I can just push the button and your company will be gone.

Mr. Pai cuts the call. Devika laughs. Mr. Pai throws slams his phone on the table.

Mr. Pai: Both father and daughter act like they rule the world!

Devika will get a call from her dad. Sanjay Kureshi. 

Devika: Hello dad..

Sanjay: Hey kiddo, can you make it for dinner tonight?

Devika: Not sure... wait a second.

Devika will put her phone down.

Devika: Sheryl, do we have anything after 7?

Sheryl: No, nothing today.

Devika puts puts her phone back into her ears.

Devika: Yes, today I can. You want me to book a table?

Sanjay: No, relax. 

Devika: Why today? usually, we go out on suday.

Sanjay: We'll talk about it in detail. I'll be waiting for you.

Devika: Sure..

Devika cuts the call. Devika reaches into her drawer and she takes out a cigarette pack. She takes out one cigarette and starts to smoke.

Devika: I think, Mr. Pai will call me. By the way, got any news about the company in Bangalore?

Sheryl: Simon reached there. Meeting is tomorrow. By evening, we'll have some news.

Devika: What was the name of the company? I just forgot...

Devika: Its "Alphatech"

                                                                  to be continued...

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