The final negotiation - Episode 10 - When going get tough..

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The next day Rakesh and Sanketh will be talking in the street.

Rakesh: How did you go back? You told me you didn't have any money.

Sanketh: I got a lift.

Rakesh: Oh great, but dude. Why do you get so tensed up when Ramya is there.

Sanketh: You know why.

Rakesh: I know she was your ex. But, its been so many months you have your own life.

Sanketh: Its just too painful for me.

Rakesh: To be honest I really don't know what happened between you both.

Sanketh: I just don't want to remember it man. Some other day maybe.

Rakesh: You should tell it, or else it will eat you alive.

Sanketh: What is there to tell, After a couple of months together I told her that my father is in hospital and I also told that my families financial condition is really bad and asked if she would still be with me even in this situation.

Rakesh: What did she for that?

Sanketh: She told, she would be with me forever. She told me that she loved me for my character and not the money.

Rakesh: Then what happened?

Sanketh: After few day, She slowly started to ignore me. I asked her what is wrong, but she just wouldn't tell. She used to go out with her friends, but when I wanted to talk she didn't have any time. One day, when I was coming back after doing a part time job in the night I saw her with Nithin, they both were in the road and they were making out. 

Rakesh: Shit!

Sanketh: At least she could have told me that its not working. 

Rakesh: Dude, that's why you should stay away from rich girls. For them men are like commodity, if one goes away they know that the other one is somewhere in the corner. Relax man..

Sanketh: Yeah, no more...


Sonam will be with her boy friend in a cafe. His name is Chris. It will be looking like they both are in a heated argument.

Chris: You don't remember our anniversary, but you know everything about your boss Rajeev.

Sonam: Now don't start with it again. I don't remember it. So, what? Big deal..

Chris: So what? I've been trying to call you from yesterday, Do you even know when is our anniversary.

Sonam will be silent.

Chris: Look at you.. Don't you think you are taking your work too seriously?

Sonam: Listen, I don't have time for this okay. And I love my work, I get serious when I am not doing my work.

Chris: Yeah, I know why you love your work. That Rajeev must be really enjoying it.

Sonam: What do you mean?

Chris: You know what I mean... 

Sonam: What do you think? I am his secretary. It doesn't mean anything else. 

Chris: I wasn't born yesterday. 

Sonam: It looks like that..

Chris will get up, and throws the money on table. Sonam will also get out. They both will get inside the car. The car moves.

Sonam: Chris, we had this conversation so many times. You understand me right?

Chris will be sitting still with no expression.

Sonam: I can't do this anymore. 

Chris will  be seen getting angry. His grip on the steering wheel becomes tighter. 

Sonam: I think we need a break..

Chris loses it and he slap Sonam with back of his left hand.

Chris: You shameless bitch! 

He stops the car. He slaps her again.

Chris: Fucking bitch, go to your Rajeev. 

Sonam will not be trying to get back in her senses. Chirs starts hitting her with his right hand and will be shouting at her with anger.

Sonam will be silent and will be trying to cover herself with her hands.

Chris: So many thing I did for you, all for nothing. Get out of my car. 

Sonam: You just..

Chris slaps her again. 

Sonam gets out of the car. Sonam will take a cab.


Sanketh will be in his house. His mother and him will be watching TV.

Mother: When is your next interview?

Sanketh: Its day after tommorow.

His mother will off the TV.

Mother: So, many people are becoming engineers. That's why its hard to get a job.

Sanketh: But, its not impossible. I will get it. Father also wanted the same thing.

Mother: Yes, but I've been with your father for more that 20 years. He was also in a job, a good job. But the salary wasn't enough. For everything, we had to struggle. We had to change your school so many times.

Sanketh: Why are you remembering it.

Mother: I hope that doesn't happen to you.

Sanketh: It won't, there will be promotions.

Mother: I found your letter. You wanted to kill yourself?

Sanketh, will become pale and will be embarrassed. His mothers eyes will become teary and she starts to cry.

Mother: Sanketh, you wanted to leave me alone?

Sanketh: Mom.. no..

Mother: Then why did you write this letter? Do you think with the insurance money I'll be happy?

Sanketh will also get tears in his eyes..

Mother: What will I do without you? I am living because, you are there. I know your father left a lot of debt, How could you even think like that?

Sanketh: (crying) it looked like that was the only way.. That, Sachin and his father also treat us bad. 

Mother: So, you thought of dying!

Sanketh: I won't die. It was a mistake. I realized it.

Mother: Remember, your father took loan only because he wanted to start a business. So, that we could live happily with more money.

Sanketh: I know that... I am sorry.

His mother will still be crying. 

Sanketh: Please, I am really sorry. I promise I will be there for you.

Mother: I can sell this house and pay the debts. I am not doing that because this is the last thing I have which your father left. I have sold all my jewelries. I am paying also by doing tailoring works. You too need to do something. Don't think of these thoughts.

Sanketh: No, It was a mistake. I will also get a job. 

His mother will slowly calm down.

Mother: Look at our situation. Do you think the money from your job will be enough?

Sanketh: After few years they will increase. What else you want me to do?

Mother: You promise me one thing. No, matter what happens you will not die and you will also not sell this house.

Sanketh hesitates..

Sanketh: I promise.


Sonam will enter Rajeev's office. Sonam will be looking exhausted. Even her tone of voice will be different.

Sonam: Rajeev, Mr. Convoy will be here in 2 hours. 

Rajeev will notice the tone, and will be curious.

Rajeev: What happened? 

Sonam: What?

Rajeev: What happened to you? You are not yourself today.

Sonam: It was Chris, had a big fight and we broke up.

Rajeev will notice her face. There will be marks.

Rajeev: Did he hit you.

Sonam: No.. no..

Rajeev: Sonam, come here and sit down.

Sonam, slowly goes and sits in front of Rajeev.

Rajeev: Why did he hit you?

Sonam: Its not that bad, I am fine.

Rajeev: Tell me what happened?

Sonam: He's just jealous, finally its over.

Rajeev: Its my fault, you are always with me. I never thought about your life.

Sonam: No, its not. Don't be guilty. I like this job.

Rajeev: Really? You never get time for yourself.

Sonam: Rajeev, the things I learn't from you in the past 3 years working with you is invaluable. I really like this work. My life has changed a lot.

Rajeev: How is that so..

Sonam: To put it simply, you inspire me. You make me want to get out of my bed and I am sure no other job would give me that feeling.

Rajeev, will be looking at Sonam and will be confused. After, hesitating a lot. He will finally throw the question.

Sonam: What is it Rajeev?

Rajeev: Do.. Do you love me?

Rajeev asks this and will be expecting a volcanic reaction. Sonam, hears this and she laughs. Rajeev will be surprised.

Sonam: No, Rajeev.. I really don't. I don't think I would like you in my room. 

Rajeev relaxes.

Rajeev: Thank god.. Phew! That was a tough question to ask.

Sonam: Atleast you cleared your doubt.

Rajeev: Why, wouldn't you like me in your room? 

Sonam laughs again.

Rajeev: Come on tell me.

Sonam: I don't know. Its like if I ask you why do don't like girls with long hairs.

Rajeev: Not that again.. Wait, is it my hairstyle? Is that why?

Sonam: Your hair is fine. I don't know. My spidey senses don't tingle for you. Or wait, does your tingle for me?

Rajeev: Well.... I would like to keep that a secret.

Sonam: I just got my answer. 

Sonam smiles.

Suddenly, the phone in the office rings. Rajeev, pick the call. 

Rajeev: Yup.. Name? oh... send him in. 

Rajeev put the phone back and he smiles at Sonam.

Sonam: What happened? 

Rajeev: You are wearing a saree tomorrow.

Sonam: What? No way... 

Rajeev: Yes, he is coming. Go bring him to me... Wait, do I get to choose the color of the saree?

Sonam: Nope!

Sonam gets out of the room.

                                                              to be continued..

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