Robocock VS Cthulhu and The 5 Mystical Ninjas! Episode 1 - Origins (A Dtube Exculsive Series )steemCreated with Sketch.

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(watch the pilot episode on Dtube )!/v/jubei333/9v5dlkpi

This is a video project which started out as an entry into a green screen contest.I had fun making it and Im thinking I might continue the story if there's enough interest.

(From this...)
wmplayer 2019-02-10 19-05-10-10 (640x360).jpg
(To this in a few mouse clicks...)
wmplayer 2019-02-10 18-28-53-57 (640x360).jpg

I went with an 80s action movie theme and used footage from Robocop and Big Trouble in Little China as well as some Mortal Kombat green screen stuff.

wmplayer 2019-02-10 18-36-40-44 (640x360).jpg

wmplayer 2019-02-10 18-37-38-16 (640x360).jpg

wmplayer 2019-02-10 18-39-15-77 (640x360).jpg

wmplayer 2019-02-10 18-39-35-52 (640x360).jpg

wmplayer 2019-02-10 18-40-03-26 (640x360).jpg

wmplayer 2019-02-10 18-37-29-84 (640x360).jpg

wmplayer 2019-02-10 18-42-01-27 (640x360).jpg

wmplayer 2019-02-10 18-40-19-16 (640x360).jpg

wmplayer 2019-02-10 18-43-28-01 (640x360).jpg

There is so much copyrighted content in the video that I cant even post it on Youtube so I figured I would see what kind of response it gets here.

If there's enough interest I will continue the story and make this a Dtube exclusive series.I am happy to collaborate with other filmmakers to tell this outlandish tale of weaponized robotic genitalia , Lovecraftian elder gods and Mystical ninjas!

wmplayer 2019-02-10 18-35-51-91 (640x360).jpg

Where else can you see Hitler droids dancing to Nenas 99 Red Balloons and then being blown up by robotic super soldiers with lightning cocks!?

wmplayer 2019-02-10 18-46-44-87 (640x360).jpg

wmplayer 2019-02-10 18-47-21-77 (640x360).jpg

wmplayer 2019-02-10 18-47-35-81 (640x360).jpg

wmplayer 2019-02-10 18-49-43-82 (640x360).jpg

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i like this awsome movie


thanks for watching the movie :)

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Wonderful post.thanks for sharing this post.