We have reached 4% of the funding goal!

in film •  7 months ago

Someone anonymously pledged 1000£ to our ambitious #flatearth #documentary #film #FindingtheCurve while I was sleeping and pushed the Kickstarter campaign to 4% funded! Guest 2003467126, whoever you are, we can't thank you enough and if you're reading this, please get in touch with me ASAP! Unless you wish to remain completely anonymous...

I also want to thank Sebastian Gaggino, Guest 184861124, Guest 4766081, Guest 2003467126 and Chris A for pledging! Don't forget that this Kickstarter campaign is "all-or-nothing" which means if we don't reach our goal in 56 days, you WILL NOT BE CHARGED.

PLEDGE TODAY TO MAKE THE FILM HAPPEN: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/turtlehouse/finding-the-curve-flat-earth-documentary


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That's awesome you got a huge donation bump like that! I hope you get the funding you need! I don't believe the earth is flat, but if you get this made, I'll watch it!


Thanks! Just because you pledge to see this crazy movie, doesn't mean you're a flat earther :) Also, remember you can pledge anonymously and won't even get charged until we reach the goal!


That is true haha, I'll pledge 5 bucks