Film Location Locator - Discovering Jean-Luc Godard's set for 'Le Mépris' (1963) in Capri- Italy.

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Last week I undertook a mission to travel to the beautiful Island of Capri and locate the iconic film set used in Jean-Luc Godard's famous New Wave French film 'Mepris'.

Capri is one of the most beautiful Islands I've ever seen. Nestled just off the Bay of Naples, the island is volcanic, which has resulted in dramatic cliff faces, plunging into turquoise waters with luscious greenery coating the hillsides. 

After climbing 300 metres and walking through the luxurious cobbled shopping streets past Miu Miu, Chanel and Burberry, I reached the south side of the Island. 

Across the dramatic bay, dotted with yachts and sailing boats, there I spotted it, the iconic house used in Jean Luc Godard's evocative feature film, Le Mépris !

Le Mépris is perhaps Godard’s most emotionally direct film, particularly intense in the long central apartment scene – masterfully shot by Raoul Coutard – in which the fractures in Paul and Camille’s marriage come to seem irreversible. 

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Happy Movie Going! 


beautiful place Capri -would love to see more pics

Thanks for sharing that.
If you have time please visit my also

Stylish movie. Classic :-)

Absolutely Mandibil! What's your favorite new wave french film?

Hmm.. So this is how does it look like... Famous Capri island. Do you have some more pictures, Emily?

Hi Borishaifa! I do have some more photos yes! It's an incredibly beautiful place- if you 'follow' my stream- I will post a few more later for you.
Emily x

Yes, sure I will. Thank you.

Looks like very nice place!