Capsule Film Review: Hitchcock (2012)

in #film5 years ago

45 seconds of shower scene in Psycho inspired countless hours of films that tried their best to imitate and exploit, including pointless 1998 Gus Van Sant's shot-by-shot remake. Hitchock, 2012 film directed by Sacha Gervasi, tries the same with somewhat different means – as typical Oscar-grabbing biopic. Anthony Hopkins stars as Alfred Hitchock and the plot, set in 1959, tells the tale of the way he risked his reputation by straying from expensive spectacular thrillers into cheap black-and-white horror film. Story behind Psycho, namely Hitchock's struggle with producers and strict 1950s censorship, might indeed be fascinating, but it isn't seen in the film. Gervasi tries to fill the gap by artificially created and unconvincing subplot about crisis in Hichcock's marriage to his long-time collaborator Alma Reville (played by Helen Mirren). Even that isn't enough, so Ed Gein (played by Michael Wincott), notorious serial killer who served as alleged inspiration for Psycho appears in this film as Hitchcock's imaginary friend. Despite being set in one of the most glamourous eras of Hollywood, Hitchock looks cheap and unworthy of the most influential horror film of all time.

RATING: 3/10


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