🎬 "The Disappearance Of Willie Bingham" 🤕 (UNCENSORED) - Short Horror Film - Presented By ALTER

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This short film tells the tale of Willie Bingham, who is the first ever inmate selected for a shocking and controversial new form of punishment introduced in Australia.

Willie has been chosen after being convinced of the rape and murder of a young girl whilst intoxicated.

The victims family go to watch the procedures and they get to decide how far the procedures go.

The first procedure consists of Willie having his left hand amputated which is followed by more and more cruel procedures which turns Willie into a shadow of his former self and transforms his life forever...

This is a well produced short film which is disturbing and thought provoking, it questions the idea of punishment as a form of revenge.

IMDb - 7.7/10

Directed by Matthew Richards

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Source - ALTER (YT channel)

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