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This incredibly spooky short film is split into three chapters, which plays out like different episodes that are all related.
The second story is by far the most terrifying. It has an unsettling and nightmarish atmosphere to it.
It features a teenage boy who all of a sudden feels the need to check on his friend who lives in a nearby tower block. He grabs his telescope, walks on to the balcony and looks across to where his friend lives. There in his friends flat a crazy looking woman is sat on top of his friend and appears to have just strangled him. But after looking at the scene for only a short amount of time the woman looks up, directly at him, points at him and then jumps up and runs out of the block of flats at lightning speed towards him.
Scared out of his mind, he nervously looks at his door and awaits his fate...

This short film has no jump scares, no blood and no dialogue. It relies on the visuals to tell the story. It manages to deliver an uneasy and unsettling experience.

Try watching it in the dark, on the big screen and with headphones on if you dare!

Written and Directed by Santiago Menghini

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Source - Screamfest (YT channel)

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This sounds like an old fashion scary movie. Thank you @conformity.

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