🎬 Feeding Time 🏃‍♀️- Scary Short Horror Film

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Sasha is filling in for her friend on a babysitting job. When she arrives at the house she is greeted by a very strange couple wearing goggles who are extremely pleased to see her.

She sits down in front of the TV and starts to text her boyfriend, then she notices a picture on the wall of a family who she doesn't recognise, followed by a sound coming from upstairs.
It slowly begins to dawn on Sasha, that everything in the house is not quite what it seems.
She decides to venture upstairs to investigate where the noise came from and to check on the baby. It is at this point she realises she is in danger and goes into panic mode...

This is tense and creepy short film with an 80's vibe to it. Also funny and entertaining.
Check it out!

Don't forget to watch the credits!!!

Written and Directed by Matt Mercer

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Source - Screamfest (YT channel)

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