The Usual You

in #filipino-poetry2 years ago

Timid sky,
pale creatures in the distance,
the air is searing,
freshly baked bread is on the table,
the black coffee is inviting,
I took a sip as I glance at her,
she mildly smiled at me,
we look together outside the veranda.

Her warm aura is adoring,
her hair dances exotically,
her firm body is exquisite,
I lean over her smelling her perfume,
our eyes are in the singularity of brightness,
it's the usual you, only now is a parting
ways to oblivion, unable to keep close
distance in you thinking only the beginning
of tired breathing effectively as I
have known you are sensually detach.

San Mateo, Rizal
January 07, 2019



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