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Outside of the Augur, which is what the Hammer Industries have dubbed the portal to the other dimension. “God’s Gift” Jeremiah Vastrix stands off to the side with Olivia Cooke, Rose Johnston, and a dozen Shocktrooper guards as trucks begin to drive into this universe from the other. Since it’s dangerous for most people to just drive out of the remains of Seattle with the radiation poisoning on the outer edges, the goods from the trucks are being loaded onto transport helicopters and flown to where they are needed. Food, medicine, and other supplies in dire need by many in the United States.

Jeremiah had brokered a deal with the Warhammer Corporation in the XHF dimension to sell to his Hammer Industries in the UOW dimension to distribute as part of charitable donations in Jeremiah’s work to turn the public opinion around on his company. Though it was interesting to negotiate the deal for the goods from his XHF self. A Jeremiah that did not get mauled in a life or death tournament in North Korea and one that did not have to deal with repeated murder attempts by his own father.

JEREMIAH VASTRIX: It’s crazy that, that Fukushima Zombie woman turned down my donation to her many causes. Not that I really needed her to accept my money since I just went around her back to her causes that are known to the public to give them the money directly. Hammer Industries money isn’t the cleanest, but I’m working on it. Now, I face someone who calls themself a Technical Professor in the ring in the form of Rocco Rose. Someone who is obviously misinformed by a lot of things going on in this dimension. I am God’s women.

With that statement, Jeremiah turns and kisses Olivia Cooke on the mouth. She smiles, returning the kiss with gusto.

JEREMIAH VASTRIX: I do have a database in my head that helps me win my matches. It does help me analyze my opponents for weaknesses and openings. I know a lot about wrestling and I know a lot about nearly two dozen other fighting styles from around the world. Basic stuff really. I would just get to the advanced lessons when my lustful ways would get me caught and thrown out of one school or another. Do not think your wrestling style is invincible, Rocco Rose. Do not think that I won’t find a weakness or an opening to exploit. It may not be early in the match, but I will get there in the end. You come up with some funny insults. That I’m not a Terminator and that I’m a Tin Man. I will say this, these electronics will not short out from water. It’ll take a EMP device to take these cybernetics out and the ref will disqualify you for doing it. I’ve made sure to inform him of the effects of such a device should one be given to you like it was given to Lulu Biggs before my last match with him.

Rose Johnson gives Jeremiah a punch in the arm with a frown.

ROSE JOHNSTON: Did you just tell your opponent how to blind you? I mean, if the ref doesn’t see him trigger the device. It could have been someone in the crowd.

JEREMIAH VASTRIX: Then the match will still end if someone in the crowd does it. I won’t be stopped by Rocco Rose on my way to eternal glory.

ROSE JOHNSTON: How are you going to prepare for him?

JEREMIAH VASTRIX: I’ve called upon the most technically proficient wrestling trainers and wrestlers in the world. I will either be trained or be observing matches to enhance my technical database to be ready. I will spar against some of these wrestlers to get some moves from just in the database to muscle memory.

The trio watches as the last of the trucks enters through the portal and heads toward the makeshift airport a mile or so away so that there’s room for trucks, helicopters, and the men to move the goods.

JEREMIAH VASTRIX: I really hope that this helps stem the growth of the Rebels of Society group. I know they mean well in wanting change to come to the United States and that President McStrump is in the wrong, but the riots that are leading up to what could be a possible full on rebellion is still wrong. There are other ways to handle the trials that we are currently facing as a nation. Violence is not the way.

OLIVIA COOKE: These supplies are going to help turn things around. I just know it. The rebels can’t help, but be pacified by the supplies coming in, and the money that you have set aside to help rebuild communities torn by the nuclear attacks and food shortages.

Jeremiah nods, lighting up a cigarette, and blowing the smoke into the air.

JEREMIAH VASTRIX: All we can do is try to do our part to help. It certainly helped that the other Jeremiah also wanted to help with the good name of his Warhammer Corporation and donated half of the supplies that were sent. Let’s get to Portland where the people I called will be going.

ROSE JOHNSTON: Let’s do it.

Jeremiah, Olivia, and Rose get into a waiting limo while the Shocktroopers get into their escort vehicles. They head toward the makeshift airport where a modified transport chopper is waiting. It had the cargo area modified to be a luxury suite. It wasn’t the fastest way to travel, but it was amongst the finest in the world in luxury.

Twenty minutes later, the three are in the air on their way to Portland with a pair of combat choppers as escorts. All three are sitting in fancy recliners with fancy cocktails in hand.

JEREMIAH VASTRIX: Rocco has said that he’s going to rule the world with his army of roombas.

ROSE JOHNSTON: He’s making fun of the army of robots that the US military is getting from Atalar Robotics. That Blob thing doesn’t stand a chance.

Jeremiah takes a sip from his drink, heavy in thought.

JEREMIAH VASTRIX: Now. We don’t really know what this Blob thing is capable of. We know that it is capable of controlling people through some kind of symbiotic or parasitic creature that it creates. We don’t know what else it can do. It did shield itself from destruction when Seattle was blasted off of the face of the Earth. Can it do other things? Can it mutate others like it did to Brock Abishag at the end of the tournament in North Korea? He transformed into some kind of nigh unstoppable monster!

ROSE JOHNSTON: Still, now that these robots were made and that Hammer Industries will be in support of the attack, the Blob will be destroyed. Just like ROS will be dissolved and President McStrump will be impeached...or at least not get re-elected. I mean, he’s a buffoon. The people will see that so long as the ROS don’t inflame things to the point of open war.

OLIVIA COOKE: So, you’ll absorb the skills of several dozen technical experts to be able to get a head start on learning Rocco’s style? What if you do just get an error when trying to find a weakness in his style?

JEREMIAH VASTRIX: Then I will change up my style to force a weakness out of him. If nothing else, I could just blast him with eye beams.

OLIVIA COOKE: And kill him like you did the Tarrasque? No, babe!

Jeremiah just chuckles, drinking at his cocktail.

JEREMIAH VASTRIX: Just kidding. I wouldn’t stoop to using that ability to kill my opponent. This isn’t the tournament in North Korea.

OLIVIA COOKE: Thank fuck for that.

ROSE JOHNSTON: I know, right? Thank goodness for small miracles. Not thank goodness that North Korea was essentially destroyed by return nuclear attacks, but thank goodness that men like the North Korean ruler and his people are gone forever.

JEREMIAH VASTRIX: Well, then you get people like Rocco Rose. He thinks that since he defeated Hyperion and Sang-Hyun Lee that he’s going to steamroll over me. It just doesn’t work like that. I’m not a God or a Technical God. I’m just a man who has gone through some trying times to become a little more than just a man. I didn’t ask for a man to put out my right eye with a stapler, but it happened. It didn’t ask to be put into a life or death match with a monsterous blob like thing, but it happened. I didn’t want to be cybernetic, but if I’m wanting to be able to see. These are the things that had to happen after such damage was done to my eyesight and face.

Jeremiah raises his glass with a grin.

JEREMIAH VASTRIX: To the finals!

All three: To the finals!

They clink their glasses together and finish the drinks off so that another round can be ordered.

JEREMIAH VASTRIX: I will be headed to the finals and there is nothing that you can do to stop me, Rocco…

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wow this is science fiction?
On several things I agree, for example:

ROSE JOHNSTON: Still, now that these robots were made and that Hammer Industries will be in support of the attack, the Blob will be destroyed. Just like ROS will be dissolved and President McStrump will be impeached...or at least not get re-elected. I mean, he’s a buffoon. The people will see that so long as the ROS don’t inflame things to the point of open war.

Excellent dialogue! Greetings @vastrix

Hello Hello!

What is coming is spicy hahaha

Greetings from Venezuela

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