Fight Club: "It's like a city stage for me!" - A moved Lokesh Kanagaraj; ``Uriyadi'' Vijay!

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It is directed by Abbas A. Rahmat, the deputy director of the movie 'Uriyadi'. Director Lokesh Kanagaraj is presenting the film through his company 'G Squad'. The teaser launch of this film was held in Chennai today. Director Lokesh Kanagaraj, actor 'Uriyadi' Vijaykumar and some of the film crew attended and gave a special speech.

Speaking on the occasion, Aditya, the producer of the film, said, "We started our production company Reel Good Films in 2019. I am very happy to work with Vijay Kumar. When Vijay Kumar makes a film, there will definitely be some things in it. Lokesh Kanagaraj said that I will present this film. This film is 'Leo'." He came and saw it while the shooting was going on. Not just Lokesh, many of the 'Leo' crew also came and watched 'Fight Club'. The world of this film will definitely not disappoint you."

Speaking after this, the heroine of the film, Monisha, said, "This film is made by many cinema lovers. My dream is to become a film director. I have worked as an assistant director for two films in Malayalam. I like the film 'Uriyadi' very much. Vijay Kumar has always been very supportive to me. I learned many things from him. "Director Lokesh Kanagaraj has huge fans in Kerala. I also watched the first scene of 'Leo' as a fan," he concluded.

Following this, 'Uriyadi' Vijay Kumar said, "'Fight Club' - We thought it would be good if the title of this film was very intense. David Fincher's 'Fight Club' film is a cult classic. We are planning to give a tribute to this film with the same title. We think we will not spoil it. We finished this film and sent it to director Lokesh. During the shooting break of 'Leo', Lokesh, 'Most wanted director', went to India to watch the film.

I speak respectfully for the sake of civilization. Unity is beauty in friendship. We talked about making the film in 2014 and have done it now. He told me a college story for 40 minutes. I am very proud of Abbas, the director of this film. In this film, no one thinks of work as a profession.

We have seen and done some things that people will like. Many young talents have worked together in this film. The producer of this film is working at Google. He took care of both jobs perfectly. Abbas knows nothing but cinema. He is crazy about cinema. His guru is always Mani Ratnam. He has a tattoo on his hand as well," said the speaker, while talking about director Abbas.

Finally, director Lokesh Kanagaraj said, "This stage is like a stage for the film 'Managaram' for me. A new beginning... We have been talking since 2017 that my name and Vijaykumar's name should appear in the same film. It has happened now. He is a director, an actor and a friend beyond everything. He is very honest. I don't see this film as a good thing for the 'Fight Club' crew. I see it as a good thing for my company. I am here because of the welcome you gave me. We made a short film 'Kalam' and pitched it to some producers. That's how the film 'Managaram' happened. That short film. My friends helped me by giving me money to do it. I think my friends want to help many people through this 'G Squad' company. That is the goal of this company. I earn good money in direction. This is for new talents!" He finished speaking.

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