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in fight •  last year


I love when you see these wimpy beta males on TV or on YouTube or some other media source and they're bad mouthing Trump or some other person when they say that they're stupid or incompetent or whatever complaint they want to let out of their trap. But at the end of the day, we all know that they don't have the manhood to say that to their face. Oh no! They would rather hide under their mother's dress because they are scared of a good ass whipping. Or at least a confrontation, where they would have to physically back up their words. But they have no problem saying it behind closed doors far away actually having to back up their aggressive words. That pisses me off.


I am looking for soldiers to fight for our heavenly mother the Virgin Mary. The reason why I have so few is because alpha males are fewer and harder to find. With this culture of single moms raising their sons we have cultivated an army of pussies. That's right, pussies. I should go up to these "fellows" and slap them so that they can feel some pain so they can get accustomed to it and grow a couple in the process. Adversity makes you grow.


That movie fight club with Brad Pitt was an excellent example of this. Get into some fights and you won't be afraid, little boys. The last fight I was in was two years ago. When it was done, I felt like I blew 10 loads. It was invigorating and energizing. But you little beta pussies will never know that feeling. So how is it to realize you're a coward. You can live with that? I have more respect for someone who stands for themselves, fights, gets their ass kicked than one who runs and hides. Also the guy who kicked your ass will have respect for you too. So go ahead and live like a "girly man". But don't complain that you can't have or keep a real hottie. Now you know why.

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