50 Word Story Contest Week #17 - I Wanted To Grow

in fiftywords •  last year

“We are sorry but you have stage 4 terminal cancer”,
We went home in absolute silence; she didn’t cry, didn’t eat that day, at night she came; hugged me tightly and said with a heavy voice
         “But, I had so much to do, So much to see, So much to grow”

Got to know about this contest thru a Resteem by @wymark

Image used under Creative Commons Licence CC0

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cough thats 53 words cough
Quite well written for having such a strong limitation on the word count :)


:P .... Hey you didn't count the punctuation marks :P


nope but did count "didn't" as 2 words and "4" is a word too. Or are abbreviations not counted as multiple words in english? :o
Always counted them as 2 words in my essays....