Fifty-word story - Trapped

in #fiftywords3 years ago

"Good day."
"How are you?"
The routine, the normal is humanities trap. We are all trapped in our heads. Unable to see the monsters stalking about.
And yet I see - the faces that exude the ancient horror.
They have their roles, and I shall assume my role of destruction.

50 words.
This is my entry for the dreams & nightmares theme.
I'm not gonna tell you, how to interpret it, but it's loosely based on a nightmare I once had.


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I really like this. It sounds like the beginning of a horror novel.

Dreamlike as it is, nightmare-ish as it sounds, i feel that it is very close to reality. Well done.

Intriguing! Is the nightmare those around us, or our thoughts within ourselves?

Like every story, it is up to everyone's interpretation. It's based on a dream where everyone I met exuded this terrifying malice, yet they were doing normal everyday stuff.