Lemon Scream - a 50 Word Challenge

in #fiftywords6 years ago

Wait for the Lemon Scream

Lemon Scream

I turned to my little brother and smirked. “You’ve never heard a lemon scream?”

I had to put my foot down. Literally.

The lemon tore in half. I punched my brother in the arm, twisting as I did. He screamed in pain.

“See? You’re the lemon, dork.” I just smiled.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy!


Ouch! That one hurts. Lol

I would've done it to my brothers, but I had that type of thing being done to me.

Oh my. Ouch! Kids can be so bratty and naughty! You captured the kid experience beautifully. So glad you’ve joined the Fifty Worders, @dbzfan4awhile!

Thanks! Indeed they can be! LOL

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